The CU Art Museum lobby with two tables covered in black tablecloths. On the left table are many brown paper bags with art supplies inside, and on the right table there are coloring pages, colored pencils, and crayons.
Many different sudents sitting around a table with a black tablecloth on it in the CU Art Museum lobby. They are all coloring and chatting, and one of them is seated in a wheelchair.
Students in the CU Art Museum lobby taking paper bags filled with art supplies from a table with a black tablecloth on it. In the background, students are seated at another table while coloring.
August 24th, 10am-4pm in the CU Art Museum lobby
Welcome back, Buffs new and old! Students can come by the CU Art Museum for free art-making kits inspired by our collection (while supplies last) and then explore our galleries.
Admission is always free for everyone.
We'll have a coloring table in our lobby all week, too, and everyone is welcome to color!