Installation shot of "Lamont Hamilton: To Hear the Earth Before the End of the World." Three people sit on cubes in the gallery. It is dark except for one brightly lit orange wall in the center.

In-Person Deep Listening Workshop

Thursday, April 7, 12:00 – 12:45 p.m. in person at the CU Art Museum

Free and open to the public.

Join us for an in-person Deep Listening workshop led by artist Brittney Hofer inspired by LaMont Hamilton’s light and sound installation, To Hear the Earth Before the End of the World.

The practice involves hearing, listening, and moving. Participants will focus on the element of air to explore the differences between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening. The practice includes bodywork, sonic meditations, and interactive performances aimed at cultivating a heightened awareness of the sonic environment, at the same time promoting a playful atmosphere.

Inspired by tai chi and chi gong, Deep Listening is a contemplative practice created by Pauline Oliveros, an American composer, accordionist, and a central figure in the development of experimental and electronic music. 

This program is organized in conjunction with Conference on World Affairs.