Detail of one of Ghormley's prints, featuring sketchy fingers, red thread stitched into paper, and reddish stretch marks on grey skin.

Thursday, March 16 at 4:00 p.m.

Please join us for an artist’s talk with Jennifer Ghormley's practice in printmaking and how she builds community. Free and open to everyone.

A carved woodblock, roller, ink, and other printmaking tools on a white glass table. Pink ink has is puddled on the table.Jennifer Ghormley is a Denver-based artist, specializing in printmaking, mixed media, and installation art. She has worked at Anderson Ranch Art Center, previously held an Artist-in-Residence at RedLine Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Outdoor Arts, and the Children's Museum. She is on the Teaching Artist Roster at Think360 Arts, working with young audiences and integrative arts programs. Ms. Ghormley is also an instructor at the University of Denver, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Art Student's League of Denver. She serves as a co-director of Month of Printmaking, and an artist member of the Niza Knoll Gallery on Santa Fe Dr in Denver.

According to Ghormley, “my artwork is an introspective analysis of the presence of the human body; through tracing the history of touch, physical sensation, and emotional interactions, my intention is to explore, engage, and express our corporeal reality.”

Images courtesy of Jennifer Ghormley.