Elizabeth Eyeson

Outstanding Graduate of the College pursues community change, computing excellence

May 11, 2023

Throughout her time at CU Boulder, Elizabeth Eyeson (CompSci'23) has emerged again and again as a community leader, proactive scholar and connective force.

LingDisco poses for a photo with the judges. From left to right: Elle Bruno, Jane Miller, Ryan Dennie, Evan Baltman, Mitch Hamilton, Nancy Pierce, and Susan (Wolff) Alban (Credit: Ryan William Vachon)

5 startups poised to make pitches a reality, thanks to annual New Venture Challenge

April 20, 2023

Among the startups, Computer science student Evan Baltman and his team received $15,0000 for their pitch of LingDisco, an entirely new platform that combines music streaming and language learning into one app, harnessing the power of AI and natural language processing.

person stands smiling in-front of machines with grey CU-branded shirt

Apply for paid summer research positions through SPUR starting Feb. 13

Feb. 13, 2023

Undergraduate students looking for paid, hands-on experience in a research lab setting over summer break can begin applying online for the 2023 CU SPUR program on Feb. 13.

Nate Collins sitting in a grassy field wearing a blue sweater, smiling at the camera

Student recognized by CRA for undergraduate research

Dec. 19, 2022

Nate Collins (Math'23) is a CS minor student who was recently recognized by the Computing Research Association (CRA) for his research on type 1 diabetes as an undergraduate.

Brian Tan

‘Powerhouse’ computer science student set to graduate at 17

Oct. 31, 2022

Brian Tan taught himself calculus at 13, took the SAT at 14, got a GED at 16 and got his associate's degree in computer science in the same year. Tan is young, but it is also his contributions to his classes and research groups that his collaborators and mentors remark on.