Orit Peleg and fireflies

Talking with the fireflies: Orit Peleg receives CAREER Award

Feb. 17, 2023

Assistant Professor of computer science Orit Peleg has just received $900,000 over the next five years to learn how fireflies in a swarm synchronize their lighting displays. She's using LEDs, VR and big tents in the wilderness to signal to the fireflies... and they're signaling back.

Orit Peleg and honeycomb

CU Boulder researchers explore the engineering of bee honeycombs

July 19, 2022

Assistant professor Orit Peleg in the Department of Computer Science will work on a new $497,000 grant with aerospace assistant professor López Jiménez Ann to explore how bees build honeycombs, research that supports bio-inspired system designs in swarm robotics and lightweight cellular structures.

Orit Peleg

Computer scientist, physicist wins Cottrell Scholar Award

March 1, 2022

Orit Peleg, a University of Colorado Boulder computer scientist and physicist, has won a 2022 Cottrell Scholar Award, which honors and supports early career scientists who have the potential to become leaders in their fields.

Orit Peleg in a Bee suit

Complex Systems Society honors Orit Peleg with 2021 Junior Scientific Award

Nov. 1, 2021

The Complex Systems Society has awarded a 2021 Junior Scientific Award to SFI External Professor Orit Peleg, an assistant professor within the University of Colorado’s Department of Computer Science and BioFrontiers Institute.

A computer model of worms in a cluster

Behold, the Worm Blob and Its Computerized Twin (New York Times)

Oct. 25, 2021

Orit Peleg, associate professor in the Computer Science department and member of the Biofrontiers Insititute is part of a team studying worm blobs and creating computational models for them. The model might inspire entangled robots made of flexible materials, and helps highlight the lack of a clear-cut divide between living and nonliving materials.

Bees cover

It takes a hive: community volunteers in honeybee research

July 8, 2021

Two high school students have both been volunteering at the Peleg lab regularly for over two years. Their work with the lab has led them to submit projects to several science fairs to great success, and benefit the lab's research through their involvement and curiosity.