Taylor Weinsz, Kavya Kannan, Ben Capeloto

Ben Capeloto brings engineering perspective to student government

Aug. 5, 2021

Ben Capeloto, a senior majoring in aerospace engineering and minoring in computer science, is one of the first engineers to be elected as one of three student body presidents for the campus, referred to as tri-executives.

Matanya Horowitz

CU Alum Creates AI Robots to Sort Recyclables

July 26, 2021

Matanya Horowitz (ApMath, CompSci, Econ, ElCompEngr’10; MElEngr’10) is using artificial intelligence to elevate the recycling industry.

Bees cover

It takes a hive: community volunteers in honeybee research

July 8, 2021

Two high school students have both been volunteering at the Peleg lab regularly for over two years. Their work with the lab has led them to submit projects to several science fairs to great success, and benefit the lab's research through their involvement and curiosity.

Jasey Chanders

First year's robotics work will help kids tell their stories

May 25, 2021

First year Jasey Chanders recently received an undergraduate research (UROP) grant to build robotics that stimulate kids in imaginative play.

Woman talking about computer science

New data science, machine learning offerings open professional doors

May 21, 2021

Seeing a need for working professionals to refresh or enhance their understanding of data science and machine learning without devoting months or years to training, CU Boulder launched Tech Frontiers, a short-form education series kicking off this summer with courses in data science, July 12–13, and machine learning, July 15–16.

Alessandro Roncone

Alessandro Roncone on human-robot interaction research at CU Boulder

May 20, 2021

Alessandro Roncone is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. His work lies at the intersection of research in human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence and robot control & planning with the goal of developing robot technologies that enable close, natural, and extended cooperation with humans.


Frongillo to design learning algorithms and economic mechanisms to improve predictions

May 20, 2021

Rafael Frongillo, an assistant professor in the CU Boulder Department of Computer Science recently earned $500,000 through a CAREER award to study how changing the way we measure prediction accuracy can ultimately influence the decisions made by humans and machines alike.

Joshua Grochow

Tensors: Connecting the dots of everything 

May 17, 2021

Joshua Grochow, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, has just received $600,000 through an NSF CAREER award to advance fundamental computation theory with applications across big data, multi-company mergers, quantum entanglement and beyond.

Alumni Spencer Wegner (CompSci'20) and Sarah Brondum (MechEngr'19) in outdoors

​Alumni-founded website connects outdoor users with nonprofits

May 14, 2021

Spencer Wegner (CompSci'20) and Sarah Brondum (MechEngr'19) co-founded Bevara to help outdoor enthusiasts connect with Colorado’s outdoor nonprofits. Through Bevara’s web platform, users are able to find donation, volunteer, and advocacy opportunities that contribute to land stewardship efforts across the state.

Award winners

Exemplary seniors earn Graduating Student Awards

May 2, 2021

Four students from the Department of Computer Science earned Graduating Student Awards . These honors are conferred to seniors who are nominated by faculty, staff or fellow students for their outsanding contributions. "The Department of Computer Science is proud to have graduates like Sasha, Will, Cathleen, and Matthew," said Ken...