Chancellor Phil DiStefano hangs the Norlin medal around Pam Drew's neck.

CS alumna wins prestigious university award

Sept. 28, 2015

Pamela Drew has a master's and a doctorate in computer science, but she came very close to being a different kind of doctor altogether. Drew was pursuing a pre-medicine degree in math and biology at CU-Boulder when she decided to take a computer science class during her junior year. From...

The Diplomacy board game.

Study finds overly polite behavior may signal pending betrayal

Sept. 2, 2015

Assistant Professor Jordan Boyd-Graber and colleagues from Cornell and the University of Maryland used chat logs from the online strategy game Diplomacy for a case study that was presented this summer at the Association for Computational Linguistics annual meeting.

A close-up view of the wearable device being controlled with a finger swipe.

Gaugewear Inc. to commercialize wearable technology prototype from Correll Lab

July 28, 2015

The new technology can be worn as an adjustable sleeve on the user’s arm or leg or sewn into everything from clothing and backpack straps to dog leashes, allowing “eyes-free” control of a tablet, phone or media player that doesn’t require any precise button touching. The new prototype joins popular wearable high-tech devices ranging from smart watches and fitness bands to headsets and smart gloves.

Mohit Iyyer introduces QANTA to the audience at the matchup.

Professor’s Quiz Bowl robot ges head-to-head with humans

July 23, 2015

The matchup started with a bang. After five tossup questions, the score was Computer 65, Humanity 0. In a video of the match , one of the human players can be seen sticking his tongue out at the robot. While the match between assistant professor Jordan Boyd-Graber’s quiz-bowl-playing robot, QANTA,...

Willie Payne with a guitar and laptop at a performance.

Student pursues passion for video game music with double degree

July 21, 2015

Since middle school, CU Boulder student Willie Payne has looked for ways to incorporate music composition and computer science. With dreams of composing music for video games, Payne became interested in exploring new ways of using technology. Specifically, Payne wanted to create unique musical dynamics and adaptations where the user controls sounds.

A student shows off her video game project to a participating teacher.

Educators learn to teach computer science through video games

June 16, 2015

More than 100 K-12 teachers from Colorado, across the U.S. and even Switzerland gathered in the Roser ATLAS building in June for the annual Scalable Game Design Summer Insititute. The weeklong workshop brings together STEM and language arts teachers from middle, high schools, and upper elementary classrooms to learn how...

The three Native founders pose with a giant novelty check at the Blue Ocean Enterprises award ceremony.

Alumni's Native app takes top prize in startup competition

June 1, 2015

Photo courtesy of the CSU Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge Native, a startup company founded by three University of Colorado Boulder alumni, has won the 2015 Collegiate Competition of Colorado State University’s Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge . The team received a grand prize of $20,000 in cash, six months of business...

Students work on their laptops in the Idea Forge during Hack CU 2015.

CU’s first national hackathon draws more than 100 students

April 22, 2015

What does it take to build an app or website in 36 hours? Judging by the participants in CU-Boulder’s first national hackathon, a lot of teamwork, creativity and energy drinks. More than 130 students from universities across the country gathered in the Idea Forge for the inaugural Hack CU event...

Dawson Botsford

Students like KPCB Fellow inspire new CS capstone option

March 31, 2015

Since high school, junior computer science major Dawson Botsford has been working in software security for the Department of Defense. But he recently decided to shift gears and made the big step of giving up his security clearance. Botsford will instead spend the summer working with Shape Security, a new...

A collage showing things that have inspired robotic materials research, including banyan trees, eagles and the cuttlefish.

'Science' article outlines advances, challenges for robotic materials

March 20, 2015

Prosthetics with a realistic sense of touch. Bridges that detect and repair their own damage. Vehicles with camouflaging capabilities. Advances in materials science, distributed algorithms and manufacturing processes are bringing all of these things closer to reality every day, says a review published today in the journal Science by Nikolaus...