Award winners

Exemplary seniors earn Graduating Student Awards

May 2, 2021

Four students from the Department of Computer Science earned Graduating Student Awards . These honors are conferred to seniors who are nominated by faculty, staff or fellow students for their outsanding contributions. "The Department of Computer Science is proud to have graduates like Sasha, Will, Cathleen, and Matthew," said Ken...

Nima Keivan

Recent Alumni Award: Nima Keivan (PhDCompSci’17)

April 30, 2021

Nima Keivan's doctoral research on the leading edge of robot perception and autonomy in the Computer Science department at CU Boulder helped him envision the next generation of autonomous driving and augmented reality capabilities, leading to him to co-found robotics company CANVAS Technology which was acquired by Amazon in 2019.

Hunger Ward Film Poster with an out-of-focus photo of a small child sitting on a bed

From tech management to Oscar nominee: Alumnus Mike Scheuerman

April 24, 2021

For alumnus Mike Scheuerman (MTeleCom’95), his CU Boulder training in technology and project management proved incredibly valuable when his career shifted to working as a film producer in the social-impact space.

A person wearing a VR headset stands next to computer generated graph

NSF CAREER award supports Danielle Szafir’s data-visualization research

April 12, 2021

This prestigious grant provides $550,000 over five years to help Szafir fill a huge gap in data visualization research. The goal is to create automated solutions that rapidly estimate visualization effectiveness and help designers make better choices, minimizing misleading data representations and simplifying efficient data exploration.

A cluster of bees on the CU Boulder campus.

Bees form scent-driven phone tree to pass along messages

March 29, 2021

Honeybees play a scent-driven game of telephone to guide members of a colony back to their queen, according to a new study led by Orit Peleg, an assistant professor in the BioFrontiers Institute and Department of Computer Science at CU Boulder.

Skip Ellis headshot

Former CU Boulder faculty member honored by Microsoft Research in new lecture series

March 25, 2021

Former CU Boulder professor Skip Ellis being honored by Microsoft Research with new lecture series featuring recipients of the Skip Ellis Early Career Award

Russ Decker

Alumnus’ startup harnesses blockchain for secure, trustworthy PPE purchasing

March 24, 2021

Alumnus uses technology background to help small and medium-size companies order of PPE during COVID-19.

A woman works at her computer with her baby in her lap

Why do men publish more research papers than women? Motherhood plays key role

Feb. 25, 2021

A study by PhD candidate Allison Morgan and Associate Professor Aaron Clauset suggests that persistent differences in parenting roles are the key reason.

Image shows Co-author network of CT-related articles in Scopus database, created by Mohammed Saqr.

CU Boulder's Alexander Repenning is a world-leader in computational thinking

Feb. 25, 2021

Alexander Repenning is the No. 1 most active contributor among thousands of researchers in computational thinking, according to a recent study published in ACM Transactions on Computing Education.

Registered nurse Katherine Noel prepares a dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to give to staff at the Wardenburg Health Center on the CU Boulder campus

Why older adults must go to the front of the vaccine line

Jan. 20, 2021

Daniel Larremore is the senior author on a new study that uses mathematical modeling to make projections about how different distribution strategies would play out around the globe.