CU Boulder aerial shot

CU Boulder receives $1 million grant to fund minority PhD STEM students

Aug. 25, 2022

The fellowship will provide tuition support, a $34,000 stipend for two years and a unique support system for 12 students to advance their PhD studies and research in computer science and other fields.

Aaquib Tabrez, augmented reality minesweeper and Matthew Luebbers

PhD students explore trust between humans and robots with augmented reality version of Minesweeper

July 25, 2022

When you should trust your robot teammate? Computer science PhD students Aaquib Tabrez and Matthew Luebbers, along with their advisor Assistant Professor Bradley Hayes, used augmented reality minesweeper to gain insight into a robot’s decision-making process and were awarded runner-up for best student paper at AAMAS 2022.

Two people play on tiny arcades made out of cardboard

How to turn throwaway cardboard into a DIY arcade game

July 22, 2022

Tinycade, the brainchild of Gyory and his colleagues at ATLAS, brings a do-it-yourself spirit to the world of video games. Tinycade allows anyone, anywhere to make a working arcade machine that can fit on a side table, with just a smartphone, some cardboard, two small mirrors and bric-a-brac like rubber bands and toothpicks.

Orit Peleg and honeycomb

CU Boulder researchers explore the engineering of bee honeycombs

July 19, 2022

Assistant professor Orit Peleg in the Department of Computer Science will work on a new $497,000 grant with aerospace assistant professor López Jiménez Ann to explore how bees build honeycombs, research that supports bio-inspired system designs in swarm robotics and lightweight cellular structures.

ESIIL photo

$20M ESIIL center aims to foster a “revolution” in environmental data science

July 11, 2022

Computer Science Associate Professor Claire Monteleoni is the AI/Machine Learning Lead for a new $20M NSF Center at CU Boulder, housed in CIRES, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. The new center is a major new data science and diversity effort including partners from multiple institutions around the world.

Majid Photo

CU Boulder part of $5.8M grant to improve cyber-physical transportation systems

June 29, 2022

CS assistant professor Majid Zamani and his team are part of a new $5.8M grant from the NSF to help build the intelligent transportation systems of the future.

Gilberto Briscoe-Martinez

Helping robots recover from failure: a Q+A with NASA graduate fellowship winner Gilberto Briscoe-Martinez

June 27, 2022

Briscoe-martinez was recently awarded a NASA Space Technology Graduate Research (NSTGRO) fellowship. He is the first Computer Science P.h.D. student at CU Boulder to receive this award, which will provide him with 4 years of research funding and NASA collaboration in enabling long-term robot autonomy through adaptable fault resilience.

Majid Zamani

Zamani CAREER award to bridge the gap between industry and academia in autonomous systems 

June 24, 2022

Zamani wants to use real-life data, rather than mathematical models, to study and control autonomous systems with both software and physical components, bridging the gap between academia and industry and ensuring safety for all users.

Ashutosh Trivedi

Trivedi seeks to democratize artificial intelligence through CAREER award 

June 23, 2022

Trivedi is working to democratize artificial intelligence by making machine learning more programmable, trustworthy and accessible to everyone through a prestigious CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to do so.

Water and radar abstract image

Keeping water on the radar: Machine learning to aid in essential water cycle measurement

May 20, 2022

Department of Computer Science assistant professor Chris Heckman and CIRES research hydrologist Toby Minear have been awarded a Grand Challenge Research & Innovation Seed Grant to create an instrument that could revolutionize our understanding of the amount of water in our rivers, lakes, wetlands and coastal areas by greatly increasing the places where we measure it.