Mike Collier
Senior Finance and Accounting Professional
ECOT 634

Contracts and Grant Management 

  • Perform project budget oversight including monitoring, tracking and/or reconciling transactions, variances and payroll funding distributions; preparing and submitting budget revisions and funding updates; providing financial spreadsheets, summaries and reports; and meets regularly with the Principal Investigator and/or Financial Manager.
  • Perform post-award tasks including purchasing goods and services; monitoring expiration dates; requesting extensions and supplemental funding as needed; preparing and submitting progress and final reports; and aiding in the award closeout process.
  • Manage and maintain complete regulatory files, including approval and sponsor correspondence.
  • Provide proposal and award advisement including assisting with preparation of budgets and narratives for grant applications, resource and fund management; and offers procedural and regulatory advisement in alignment with sponsor, Federal, State, and university requirements to ensure compliance.
  • Work cooperatively with Principal Investigator (PI) and departmental staff, as well as other campus departments and personnel (such as Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA), Office of Grants and Contracts (OCG), and Procurement Service Center (PSC)).
  • Provide additional contract and grant management support to ChBE faculty as needed.
  • Participate in training in the area of business practices, university, and state regulations, and the use of data processing systems, as assigned.
  • Assist with department tools and resources to assist faculty and staff.

Accounting and Finance Administration 

  • Perform standard accounting functions to support budget, accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement, and travel and expense reimbursement activities including preparation of journal entries; verification of accounting codes and fund assignments; month-end, quarter-end and year-end closes; reconciliations and audits; data collection, analysis and retention; reporting and records management.
  • Conduct research and provides resolution to complex accounting problems, including investigation and analysis of data to ensure accuracy and completeness and performs corrective actions.
  • Ensure fiscal operations in accordance with Federal, State, and university fiscal policies and procedures.
  • Support the design of projections in such a way as to simulate an impact of different variables on the budget.
  • Provide accounting and finance support to department as needed.

Travel and Expense Reimbursement 

  • Coordinate travel and event registrations including booking airfare, hotel, transportation, etc.; registering for conferences, seminars and/or trainings; utilize Concur and Marketplace to process transactions; and prepare and submit appropriate pre-travel approval forms.
  • Prepare, reconcile and submit travel expense reimbursement reports which involves gathering and assuring appropriate receipts and documentation are included and ensuring expenses are allocated to appropriate accounts.
  • Provide travel and expense reimbursement support to department as needed.


  • Purchase goods and services including performing research to ensure costs for goods and services are reasonable, appropriate, allocable and within compliance; coordinate the issuance of purchase orders; process payments utilizing procurement card, purchase orders, or payment vouchers; and track and verify delivery of goods and services.
  • Monitor and reconcile procurement card expenses, assuring appropriate receipts and documentation are provided and participates in the preparation of reports.
  • Develop ways to improve the efficiency of data collected through systems and subsystems.
  • Provide procurement support to department as needed.

Having worked in the healthcare industry for the last 15 years before coming to UCB I have compassionate values for caring for those that we serve. I draw on this through my love for the outdoors by recharging my passion with camping, mountain biking, skiing, rafting and listening to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul with my beloved family.