Mark Lofquist
Adjunct professor

Dr Mark Lofquist is a technologist and futurist with specialized expertise in systems engineering, spectrum management, RF HW Design, spectrum coexistence testing, dynamic spectrum access (DSA), RF Link Budget analysis, and software defined radio (SDR). Mark has designed, built, tested, and demonstrated spectrally aware communication systems while working at Shared Spectrum Company on the DARPA XG program. Mark is experienced in making 4G & 5G networks, cell phone handsets, military radios, space grade transceivers and more. Mark earned BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering degree from Virginia Tech in 1999 in their 5-year bachelors/masters honors program and his Ph.D in Telecommunication Sciences from the Engineering School at University of Colorado in Boulder. Mark worked for 8 years in the mobile electronics industry before attending Virginia Tech working as an instructor, installer, shop manager. Mark spends leisure time cycling, and running.