Exam Committee

Three memebers of the HCC Faculty:

  • Kenneth Anderson
  • Michael Eisenberg
  • Gerhard Fischer
  • Clayton Lewis
  • Leysia Palen
  • Tamara Sumner
  • Tom Yeh

Exam Details

Format is to be decided by Advisor

Format 1

  • 4 essay questions as a take home exam on HCC topics that challenge a student's knowledge broadly and specifically in their sub-area. The exam runs over 6 days.
  • Preceding the exam, the students builds an extensive bibliography of readings in the HCC area broadly, and specifically in their sub-area. The student meets with their committee members in the months preceding the exam to build, edit and otherwise refine that bibliography so that it provides good coverage of appropriate literatures.
  • Oral exam with committee in followup to written questions.


Format 2

  • Synthesis Paper - A 20 to 25 page paper reviewing a coherent selection of 10-15 papers from the published research literature in the chosen area.
  • Students should have the list of 10-15 papers approved by the committee at least two months before completing the prelim.
  • Formal Presentation - A 30-minute presentation, followed by questioning by the HCC Prelim committee.

*Date when the exam will be offered: By arrangement with committee during the AY.