Evan Feldman
Academic Advisor - B.S. & B.A. students

Office: ECOT 626

I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Criminology despite realizing in my senior year that I no longer wanted to go to law school. After moving back home to a suburb of New York City, I tried my hand at acting before deciding the only way I would be able to perform to a packed audience was to go into teaching! I returned to school in 2010 to get my Master in Science Education in Physics from Columbia University, then spent 4 years teaching Physics at a nationally top-ranked school on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Upon moving out to Colorado, I decided to change things up and taught at an alternative school in order to support an underserved population. It was here I really developed my passion for working closely with students, developing one-on-one relationships, and taking on a more meaningful role than just disseminating information from the front of a classroom. Now, I fulfill my passion by helping students reach their full potential and developing life skills they can take with them into their chosen careers.

Lately, I have been feeling the itch to take some Computer Science classes, so you may see me in some classes!