Beth Stade
Interim Post-Baccalaureate Faculty Director

Stade brings 20 years experience with teaching, curriculum and app design, grants, and outreach with a focus on visual representations of mathematics. “Visual Algebra,” “Calculus with Programming,” and “Math from the Visual Arts” are several of the courses she has created.  She finds using code to illustrate mathematics illuminates both disciplines. Her works spans both the academic and private sector, from being a co-PI for a major NSF grants and making apps for PHet simulations, to consulting for a local Boulder startup creating a touch based CAD app.  

Why do you teach online for the Post-Bacc program?

I have always had a very interactive teaching style, and contrary to what many people think about online learning, I find it very personal. Students might attend office hours from their kitchen. Sometimes a mom or dad is be listening in to office hours with their mute on because their kids are playing - I love that. These are things we never do in a regular class.  And the asynchronous discussion format let’s us create conversations that might last for days rather than minutes. And since everyone works within their own pace during the week, I get more diverse and inspired feedback.

What do you like to do outside of CU?

I am also an artist blacksmith. I make custom furniture, and sculptures. I recently made sculptures out of recycled guardrail for the Colorado Department of Transportation. I love finding connections in math, art and engineering.