Al Pisano
Post-Baccalaureate Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Pisano has a wide breadth of dynamic experience and knowledge within the educational and corporate space with proven success as a presenter, thought leader, author, innovator, entrepreneur, K-12 administrator, higher education administrator, curriculum and program developer, educational consultant and instructor.

Why do you teach online for the Post-Bacc program?

I co-teach Intro to Cybersecuirty and we offer a course which allows our students to have a hands-on experience that has a lasting impact.

What do you like to do outside of CU? 

I have three wonderful children and an amazing wife with multiple pets.  We are one big happy family.  We love to get out into the mountains and hike, go for walks, ride bikes for exercise.  We also have a wood hop in our garage where we create and have fun!  Besides teaching, I do a lot of consulting in the leadership space, develop many programs and courses and have a few businesses p IntegratEdtech, Leadership Redefined and InformCyber.  I am always taking on new things and look to collaborate on projects.  I am currently doing a few podcasts as well and I am pretty active in the social media space.  I have two upcoming books which are being published soon - The Education Fix and The Collective Mindset.