illustration getting crushed by happiness books

The Flip Side of Happiness

We stock our shelves with books and pills intended to make us happy, but CU psychologist June Gruber warns that too much of a good thing can backfire.

Kimberly Hess on top of a mountain

Climbing the Seven Summits

Kimberly Hess and brother Steven climbed the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents. Next up for Kim: A trek to Earth’s poles.

George Washington's Porter

Recreating George Washington's Porter

America’s first president brewed his own beer. Travis Rupp wants you to be able to taste it.

Chris Bell

This Professor Is Fighting for Female Superheroes

Christopher Bell has some ideas about how Hollywood can do better.

Kim Christiansen

Meet the Buff Who's the New Voice of Denver's Airport Train

The next time you’re traveling through Denver, longtime Colorado news anchor Kim Christiansen will be among the first to welcome you.

Nell's Map

A CU Love Story, With Maps

One recipe for enduring love: Wes and Linda, a typewriter and a 1902 map of Colorado.

Buffs in Antarctica

The Buffs Who Summer in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of Earth’s most forbidding places. That’s why CU researchers keep going back.


Blake Leeper

NOW — August 19, 2018

Blake Leeper aims to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The double-amputee traveled to CU Boulder for evaluation by Alena Grabowski.

A dog sitting on a humans lap

Of Humans and Animals 

CU Boulder sociologist Leslie Irvine, author of My Dog Always Eats First, studies the relationships between humans and their pets.


Why Snakebites Go Up After Rainfall

CU Boulder research indicates snakebite incidence is rising, possibly due to climate change.

Clifton Grubbs

Boulder Beat: Paul Danish 

Coloradan columnist Paul Danish looks back on his favorite CU classes.

Ken Burns

Humor’s Secret Source

America’s most famous documentarian visits CU Boulder.

cave for drones

Campus News Briefs — Winter 2018

CU Engineering's latest milestone, campus living by the numbers and CU's new drone challenge.

birds of boulder

Look: Birds of Boulder

Colorado is a great place to see — and hear — birds: Some 500 species have been observed here, more than in all but a handful of other states.

stegosaurus fossil

Dinosaur in the Sky

The giant wall-mounted fossil inside the Benson Earth Sciences depicts the most complete Stegosaurus skeleton ever found.


Infographic: Robert Redford

Celebrating the career of a Buff who ranks high among American cinema's classiest leading men — and who started a CU legacy to boot.

CU Boulder Next

CU Boulder Goes on Tour

CU Boulder Next distills the dynamism of the Buffs community for alumni and friends in major cities around the country.


Alumni News Briefs — Winter 2018

Homecoming Weekend 2018, Roaming Buffs trips and Crested Butte.

Case building CU Boulder

CU Around — CASE Building

Sweeping Flatirons views and a large bronze buffalo sculpture rank among the many charms of CU Boulder’s newest central campus building.

phil distefano

Q&A with the Chancellor — Winter 2018

Chancellor DiStefano discusses his life as a first-generation college student.


After Stellar Start, Buffs Spiral Down

Football opens season with five wins, then drops seven; head coach let go

box of shoes

Sports Briefs — Winter 2018

The latest on CU athletes past and present.

Mya Hollingshead

Long Shot

Get to know women's basketball star Mya Hollingshed.

Dan Carlin

Podcaster of the Past

Podcaster Dan Carlin's Hardcore History series has become one of the most acclaimed in its genre.

Vicki Huddleston in Cuba

Our Woman in Havana

Vicki Huddleston was the top U.S. diplomat in Cuba from 1999 to 2002. She held the position at a time when few women held a comparable rank.

Ultra-runner Corey at the finish of a 156-mile race

Toughest Footrace on Earth

When Corey Cappelloni stepped up to the starting line of the Marathon des Sables — a156-mile ultra marathon through the Sahara Desert — his mind was calm.

pam penfold

In Memoriam: Pamela Penfold

Pamela Penfold, a Coloradan magazine editor for 24 years, including 13 as chief editor, died Aug. 27 in Boulder. She was 70.


Letters — Winter 2018

Our readers wrote in droves to respond to the Fall 2018 issue.

Colorado list of ten

10 Quintessentially Boulder Activities

Have you done them all?

old train

Then 1910

In the early 1900s, a person could ride a train directly to and from the CU Boulder campus.