March Madness Illustration

March Math-ness

Tim Chartier shines during the NCAA Division I College Basketball Tournament, AKA March Madness: He's one of the nation's top bracketologists. And also a mime.Read more

Rob Shearon on his scooter

Recovery Road

The CU Collegiate Recovery Center helped Rob Shearon set his life straight. To pay it forward, he traveled 6,000 miles to Alaska on a motor scooter.Read more

Ted Mulcahey tunes a CU piano

Piano Man

CU Boulder owns more than 100 pianos. Steinway & Sons veteran Ted Mulcahey keeps them in tune.Read more

man looking through a magnifying glass

Planted Evidence

For decades Jane Bock and David Norris have been using plant science to help solve murders.Read more

Rebecca Safran

Bird's-Eye View

A CU biologist and her students invent new ways to trace evolution in action.Read more

U.S. map

Swing State

A recent CU-Boulder graduate and political junkie from Germany travels America in a beat-up Saab trying to understand the places where presidential elections are decided.Read more


Michael Grab is a stone balancer in Boulder.

NOW – Stones

Michael Grab (Soc'07) creates stunning rock art, practicing at least three to five hours a day, often in moving water. It’s more than a hobby: Grab has given live stone-balancing performances at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and at music festivals in Stockholm and in the Netherlands. He's also published a book of his work...Read more

Karen Chin reconstructs the physical and social world of the big dinosaurs.

Inquiry: Dinosaur Diets

CU paleontologist Karen Chin reconstructs the physical and social world of the big dinosaurs — in part by teasing out who ate whom.Read more

Hawk in Boulder

Animal Control

CU-Boulder attracts all kinds of visitorsRead more

Roof of CU building

Paul Danish: Naming Rights

How did some of the CU buildings get their names?Read more

Ed Snowden

Campus News Briefs – Spring 2016

Edward Snowden appears at Macky.Read more

Female graduate in Boulder

Sun Sets on Winter Commencement

CU-Boulder to hold one full-campus graduation ceremony in MayRead more

Calliandra haematocephala

Look: Plants

About 1,000 plant species, mostly exotic, thrive inside CU-Boulder's 30th Street greenhouse.Read more

Patty Limerick

You’ll Be Hearing More from Patty Limerick

CU-Boulder scholar of the West tapped as Colorado’s state historianRead more

Temporary Building No. 1

Origins: Temporary Building No. 1

Temporary Building No. 1 has been a hospital, offices and classroom space. One thing it’s never been is temporary.Read more

Boulder Flatirons

Infographic: Flatirons

They’re Boulder’s icon and hard to miss.Read more

Steve Wozniak

Return of the Woz

Apple co-founder to headline 68th Conference on World AffairsRead more


Events – Spring 2016

Happenings at the Alumni Association.Read more

Bell in UMC

CU Around: Soundings

A 800-pound brass bell, cast in 1856 for the USS Colorado, settled in its new home at CU-Boulder’s University Memorial Center just before Veterans Day.Read more

Bruce Benson

Q&A with the President: Bruce D. Benson – Spring 2016

Amid vigorous national debate about diversity on college campuses, CU has reaffirmed its commitment to provide a welcoming environment for all students.Read more

Jesse Mahoney

A Lawyer on the Court

New head volleyball coach chose the sporting life over the lawRead more


Sports Briefs – Spring 2016

Highlights and tidbits from Fall 2016Read more

Josh Scott

Sports Q&A: Josh Scott

Josh Scott (Soc'16) takes his role as a leader seriously.Read more

Mark Campbell

Opera Librettist Mark Campbell

It’s a rare thing to be a full-time librettist today. Mark Campbell (Thtr’75) would like to make it less so.Read more

Tracy Wahl

NPR's Tracy Wahl

For Tracy Wahl (Comm’90), keeping up with changes in digital media is more than a pastime. It’s part of her job.Read more

Lilibet Snellings

How Lilibet Snellings Saw Los Angeles

When Lilibet Snellings (Jour'04) moved to Los Angeles, she served as the "Box Girl" at the Standard hotel in West Hollywood.Read more

Spring scenic

In Memoriam – Spring 2016

A list of our Forever Buffs who have passed.Read more

Mountain Research Station

Letters – Spring 2016

Soundings from our readers.Read more

Two young women in the early 1900s

Then – May 1925

By 1911 CU-Boulder’s women had decided the time was right for a major campus building of their own, one with parlors, bedrooms, a dining room and a gymnasium.Read more