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Josh Scott

Being Josh Scott

Josh Scott (Soc’16) takes his role as a leader seriously. Himself? Not so much. Here the 6-foot-10 senior forward for the CU men’s basketball team from Monument, Colo., talks buckets and boards, little brothers, inevitable comparisons, buttered popcorn and the day he just might cry.

Coach Tad Boyle describes you as a leader. What does being a team leader mean to you?

Setting a good example. I think to be a leader you first have to show that you have the work ethic, that you’re willing to put yourself in a position that might not be favorable to yourself but might be best for the team. Honestly, it’s just all about how you present yourself. Making sure that others understand that you wouldn’t ask anything of them that you wouldn’t do yourself. I think that’s really important.

People think of Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs as a good leader. Does anyone ever tell you that you look like Tim Duncan?

All the time. They tell me I play like Tim Duncan, look like Tim Duncan. I’ve heard I look like Drake [the Canadian rapper]. I can’t seem to escape comparisons.

Does it bother you then?

I wouldn’t say bother me as much as I would say, ‘I’m Josh Scott.’ Nobody wants to be associated with somebody else, even though those are cool people to be associated with. I like being myself. So it’s kind of like, ‘Oh you look like Drake,’ and I’m just like, ‘Ah, yeah, whatever.’ But I always say, ‘The ladies love them, so …’

Josh Scott

You’re the oldest of five boys. What’s that like?

Crazy. I’m supposed to be a good role model. Sometimes I think I do a crummy job, but then other times I think I’ve learned a lot about leadership and setting a good example for others, so there’s that.

How often does your family come to games?

As often as they can. Which is probably two out of every three. Seeing as I have younger brothers, I feel pretty blessed that they can make that many.

What do you think your legacy will be at CU-Boulder?

I don’t know. I’m aware of the fact that I’m going to end up, at least in the stat books, as a prolific Buff and all that stuff. To me it’s more what the university has left on me than what I’ve left on it. I would say I still feel really honored going out and getting my name announced, being a CU Buff. That’s real. I think I’m going to cry when I have to give it all up.

Do you remember what it was like to put on a CU jersey for the first time?

I was nervous. We were predicted to be pretty dang good after they won the Pac-12 Championship and I was starting as a skinny freshman. I remember coming in and the crowd was loud and I had never played in front of that many people before and I was starting. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ My hands were all sweaty. Once you get settled down, the energy hits you and I remember I had a pretty good game. A good start to a great career for me.

What do you like to do outside of basketball?

Movies. I’m big into going to the actual movie theater with popcorn and butter. It breaks my pocketbook, but I love movies.

Is it true that the latest Star Wars is your favorite movie?

I’m a Star Wars nerd, I won’t even lie. Everybody should go see it about five times like I did. Yep, five times. It’s a great movie. It’s just amazing. I’d probably go see it again for sure.

What’s more rewarding: Blocking a shot, grabbing a rebound or scoring?

I’d say getting a rebound. I think those are effort plays. You have to box out, it can be physical. You can have four points and if you have 15 rebounds, I see that and think, ‘Wow! You were really working your butt off.’ Compared to if you see someone has 18 points — everybody can score these days.

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Photos by Glenn Asakawa