Scott carpenter

Rocket Man

Fifty years ago, Scott Carpenter became the fourth American to fly in space before landing dramatically in the Atlantic Ocean 250 miles off course. His pioneering work laid the foundation for five decades of space exploration.


Gut Reaction

What if your health isn’t solely dependent on what you eat and your genes? Associate professor Rob Knight’s research reveals that bacteria in your body could play a more vital role than previously thought.

cliff jumping

Wired To Be Wild

What drives the attraction to risk among certain youth? According to a growing body of research from CU’s Center on Antisocial Drug Dependence (CADD), as much as 80 percent of it may stem from their DNA.

nurse graphic

Revolutionary Nurse

How did one woman help bring health care to hundreds of thousands of Americans by pioneering the nurse practitioner movement?

nevada landscape

On the Road

This personal essay features a journey of a mother and her teenage sons on the "Loneliest Road in America."

oldest cu tree

If These Old Trees Could Speak

Since 1879 Old Main's towering cottonwood trees have been witness to the best and worst of times.

Jeff Evans

Blind Encounters

How did Jeff Evans pair up with blind climber Erik Weihenmayer to become two of the worlds most accomplished mountaineers?


buffalo in field

No Home to Roam

Last October Ted Turner offered to give the city of Boulder a herd of 25 buffalo to put on city open space along the Boulder-Denver Turnpike.

Girls working over serving bowl

Serving Up Seconds

Celebrating its one-year anniversary this summer, the Second Kitchen, made up of 70 members, is a Boulder food co-op run by CU students.

mustard's last stand

Three Secret Sins of Boulderites

Boulder residents have a reputation for being über health conscious, exercise-crazed and ultra-green. However, who wants to be perfect all the time? Here are three places where Boulderites can be downright sinful.

bottle of morphine

Moving Beyond Morphine

Do you suffer from chronic pain like four in every 10 Americans? If so, findings from a CU-Boulder-led research team could change the way chronic pain is treated with drugs such as morphine, which has been around since the 1850s.

campus in the fall

By the Numbers - Fall 2012

Fun numerical facts about campus as of Fall 2012.

biodiversity illustration

Map of Life Charts Biodiversity

Want to find out where the world’s last remaining snow leopards live or what type of environment lemurs inhabit? Check out the Map of Life, an ambitious web-based effort involving CU-Boulder researchers.

journalism headgear

Composing a New College

You may not think that media, design and art history go together, but a faculty steering committee is proposing a new CU-Boulder interdisciplinary college.

buffalo pool rec center

Swimming in the Buff

Next time you visit Boulder, you may want to bring your swimsuit and goggles.

bruce d benson headshot

From the President

A column from CU president Bruce D. Benson.

2012 olympic medals

By the Numbers - Sports 2012

Check out these sports statistics from the Fall 2012 issue.

kipp and coburn

Test Your Buff Knowledge

There’s something about the women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase that’s brought out the best in CU competitors in recent years.

football headshot

A Dozen Get Call From the “Hall”

A look into the 2012 inductees into the CU Athletic Hall of Fame.

sports pre season football

Young Buffs Sharpen Their Horns

CU went into August preseason camp trying to settle on a starting quarterback among three primary contenders — third-year sophomore Nick Hirschman and transfers Connor Wood from University of Texas and Jordan Webb from University of Kansas.

ritzenheim running

Persistent Olympian

It could have been the lasting image of Dathan Ritzenhein (Hist’06) for this Olympic year.

Lance gentry

Buff Tribute: Lance Gentry 1968 – 2012

Lance Gentry oversaw the rise of Boulder-based Justin’s Nut Butter from a local farmers market product to a national natural foods brand.

nick and josh

Nick Loritsch and Joshua Dragge

Striving to stand out as filmmakers in the immensely competitive city of Los Angeles, Nick Loritsch and Joshua Dragge have made a giant leap in the industry with the successful debut of their independent film Born & Raised.

winifred adams

Winifred Adams: Designing Jewelry with Energy

Ancient Greeks believed the gemstone heliodor contained the power and warmth of the sun, and to jewelry designer Winifred Adams, her one-of-a-kind heliodor “King Crown Ring” certainly makes a powerful impression.

hubert bird headshot

Music Strikes a Chord in Joplin: Hubert Bird

On May 22, 2011, in only 35 minutes, one-third of Joplin, Mo., was destroyed. During the recovery of Joplin’s tragedy, composer Hubert Bird found a way to bring the community together.

norlin quad black and white

In Memoriam - Fall 2012

Forever Buffs who have passed away.

band the astronauts

Letters - Fall 2012

Letters to the editor for the fall 2012 issue.

whiteout snow


The featured photo from the back of the fall 2012 issue.

aerial of campus

Center Spread - Fall 2012

The center spread photo from the fall 2012 issue.