Published: Nov. 20, 2019

Annika Lai, Theodore Champ and Peter Buur stand with their poster awards at AIChE conference
From left, Annika Lai, Theodore Champ and Peter Buur accept poster awards at the AIChE meeting. Photo submitted.

Three undergraduates and one doctoral student from Professor Al Weimer’s research group earned poster awards this month at the 2019 AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

The meeting, a national gathering of academic and industry experts in chemical engineering, is an educational forum for those interested in innovation and professional growth that covers a wide range of topics related to cutting-edge research, new technologies and emerging growth areas in the field.

The winning undergraduates were: 

  • Theodore Champ, first place, Computing and Process Control category
“Computational Screening of Environmental Barrier Coating Materials for Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Engines”
  • Annika Lai, third place, Separations category
    “Aminopropylsiloxane Networks for Regenerative Carbon Capture Sorbents”
  • Peter Buur, third place, Materials Engineering and Sciences division
    "Formulation of a Whisker Reinforced Silicon Carbide Colloidal Gel Ink for Direct Ink Writing and Unassisted Sintering"

Julia Hartig accepts an award on stage at AIChe conference
Julia Hartig accepts her award onstage. Photo submitted.

“To prepare, the seniors presented twice to the whole Team Weimer research group and were asked many ‘why’ questions to answer in preparation for the contest, judged by chemical engineering faculty,” Weimer said. “Many thanks to their PhD student mentors for providing guidance in the process.”

Third-year PhD student Julia Hartig also earned a best poster award from the Particle Technology Forum for her poster titled, “Exploring Agglomerate Dynamics through an Immiscible Two-Fluid Model.”