Published: Nov. 6, 2018

Professor Will Medlin works at a computer with a graduate student.The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and its partners are hosting three new GAANN programs, or Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need, to equip graduate students to research solutions to critical national needs.

GAANN is a competitive grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support outstanding PhD students with financial need.

Together, the three new programs will fund more than 20 chemical and biological engineering PhD students with competitive stipends, tuition, fees, insurance and travel grants. The programs include student/faculty retreats, supervised teaching, research, professional activities and community outreach. New and continuing students are invited to apply.

The programs are:

Professional Preparation of Chemical Engineers for Rebuilding the Nation’s Infrastructure

The nation’s infrastructure includes much more than buildings, highways, bridges and airports. It also includes water, energy, communications, manufacturing facilities, advanced materials and more. This program will prepare chemical engineers to play key roles, whether creating lightweight polymeric materials for airplanes, automobiles and cell phones or designing efficient processing facilities for transportation fuels, water treatment, and chemical and pharmaceutical production. Led by Professor Robert Davis, the faculty leadership also includes Professors Kristi Anseth, Chris Bowman and Will Medlin.

Materials for Energy Conversion and Sustainability (joint with Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering)

This new program incorporates several related research and training centers that provide research opportunities and industry experience focused on critical needs in material science and engineering research. Led by Professors Won Park and Jennifer Cha.

Soft Materials (joint with Materials Science and Engineering)

Knowledge of the fundamental and applied aspects of soft materials is relevant to developing the workforce in critical areas of material science and chemical engineering. This program will increase the number of outstanding graduate students who are trained in teaching and research in critical technologies related to the interdisciplinary field of soft materials. Led by Professors Robert McLeod and Stephanie Bryant.

The College of Engineering and Applied Science also earned two additional GAANN grants in:

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