January 1944 Hit Kit


The late Richard Sherwood Sears was the foremost historian of the Armed Forces and entertainment industry "V-Discs." This program produced phonograph records during and immediately following World War II for the entertinment of United States and Allied Armed Forces around the world. The sources for the records were commercial record releases, network radio programs and dedicated "V-Disc" recording sessions. The V-Disc program was a remarkable acheivement. Mr. Sears' research, correspondence and documentation is preserved in the Glenn Miller Archive Sears Collection. In addition, Mr. Sears' collection of 66 historic, one-of-a-kind V-Disc Test Pressings are preserved along with all of his copies of issued V-Disc recordings. Other GMA collections contain significant numbers of V-Discs, which makes the GMA perhaps the leading archive for V-Disc project documentation and record preservation. 

The GMA V-Disc Catalog (a work in progress) can be found here:

V-Discs: The Richard Sherwood Sears Collection

Updated: September 26, 2015

The GMA history of the V-Disc program can be found here: 

GMA Studies: V-Discs