CU Boulder campus from the air.

Seminar: Dragonfly Entry, Descent and Landing - Mar. 10

March 5, 2023

Michael Wright Senior Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center Friday, Mar. 10 | 11:45 a.m. | AERO 120 Abstract: Dragonfly is a New Frontiers class mission led Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) which will deliver a rotorcraft lander to Saturn’s moon Titan for an extended science mission. The spacecraft...

Robyn Macdonald

Video: Computational Modeling of Hypersonic Flows

Feb. 22, 2023

Robyn Macdonald is an assistant professor in the Ann and H.J. Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department at CU Boulder. Her research interests include hypersonic flows, computation of chemically reacting flows, chemical kinetics, and radiation modeling. Her work has broad applications for hypersonic vehicles for space travel, national defense and other...

Hisham Ali

Building a one-of-a-kind plasma wind tunnel to advance hypersonics at CU Boulder

Feb. 21, 2023

Hisham Ali is pushing the limits of plasma physics and hypersonics in his lab on campus to advance a nationally important area of science and engineering. Ali, an assistant professor in the Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder, studies magnetohydrodynamics. It...

CU Boulder campus from the air.

Seminar: Coordinated Persistent Information Gathering by Autonomous Robot Teams - Mar. 3

Feb. 21, 2023

Eric Frew Professor, Smead Aerospace Friday, Mar. 3 | 11:45 a.m. | AERO 120 Abstract: Teams of aerial robots can perform sensing and surveillance missions faster and with more reliability than single-robot systems. The convergence of wireless networked communication, embedded systems, miniaturized sensors, and artificial intelligence has made it practical...

CU Boulder campus from the air.

Seminar: Enhancing lidar capabilities and applications through complementary signal processing and hardware solutions - Mar. 8

Feb. 21, 2023

Matthew Hayman Project Scientist, Earth Observing Lab, National Center for Atmospheric Research Wednesday, Mar. 8 | 9:35 a.m. | AERO 114 Abstract: Lidar has been employed for a variety of remote sensing applications including situational awareness for vehicles, 3D surveying and mapping, and planetary measurement and monitoring. Such sensors have...

CU Boulder campus from the air.

Seminar: Leveraging Ambient Radio Noise for Passive Radar Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial and Space Environment - Mar. 2

Feb. 20, 2023

Sean Peters Assistant Professor, Department of Physics & Space Systems Academic Group, Naval Postgraduate School Thursday, Mar. 2 | 10:00 a.m. | AERO 111 Abstract: Traditional active radars transmit a powerful electromagnetic pulse and record the echo's delay time and power to measure target properties of interest, such as range,...


CU Boulder drone cargo senior project wins national award

Feb. 17, 2023

Team DROPS has earned first place in the 2023 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics SciTech International Student Conference for their senior design project. DROPS, which stands for Drone Recharging Operational Payload System, received top...

Surface of Mars

Seminar: Coordinating a Helicopter and a Rover Mission on Mars - Feb. 24

Feb. 17, 2023

Farah Alibay Lead Flight System Systems Engineer, JPL Friday, Feb. 24 | 11:45 a.m. | AERO 120 Abstract: In April 2021, the Ingenuity helicopter achieved the first powered flight on another planet. In its first flight, the helicopter rose to a 3-meter altitude, performed a hover, and softly landed back...

CU Boulder campus from the air.

Seminar - Ultraviolet Occultations: An Essential Technique for Bridging the Thermospheric Gap - Feb. 23

Feb. 16, 2023

Ed Thiemann Research Scientist, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) Thursday, Feb. 23 | 10 a.m. | AERO 111 Abstract: Solar and stellar ultraviolet occultations provide a capability essential for advancing our understanding of the thermosphere and its coupling with the ionosphere and lower atmosphere. In this seminar, I...

Scott Palo

Palo elected an AIAA fellow

Feb. 15, 2023

Professor Scott Palo has been elected a fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Palo is the Charles Victor Schelke Endowed Professor in the Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences and a former associate dean for research in the College of Engineering and Applied...