Save the Date!  AeroSpace Ventures Day
September 30th

A 21st century grand challenge in science and engineering is to understand and be able to model and predict the state of the Earth as a single complex system. To meet this critical challenge, we must develop new ways to conduct research and offer educational programs that cross the traditional boundaries between science and engineering and between academia and industry.

Such a framework enables us to:

  • Accelerate discoveries in Earth and space science with innovative engineering solutions
  • Broadly educate tomorrow’s highly-skilled aerospace workforce
  • Develop technologies that create new commercial opportunities
  • Create collaborations that help industry grow

The University of Colorado Boulder is internationally recognized for its research and education leadership in aerospace engineering, Earth, and space sciences with world-class, committed faculty and exceptional, engaged students. We are uniquely positioned to lead the integrated study of space science and engineering systems.

Eric Frew poster presentation

Professor Eric Frew and Erica Lieb (Exelis) discuss unmanned aerial systems at AeroSpace Ventures Day

Career Fair

Engineering students of all disciplines talk with aerospace company recruiters.