Published: Sept. 9, 2021

Zoya PopovicZoya Popovic
Distinguished Professor and Lockheed Martin Endowed Chair, CU Boulder ECEE
Monday, Sept. 13 | 12:00 P.M. | Zoom Registration

Abstract: This talk presents an overview of current research in Prof. Popovic’s group, including the following topics: (1)  high-efficiency linear transmitters and power amplifiers (PAs) for signals with high peak-to-average ratios and wide instantaneous bandwidths such as those on satellite phased array repeaters or concurrent 5G communications signals; (2) various microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits in GaAs and GaN for broadband analog radar and communication systems front ends; (3) microwave radiometry for internal body temperature measurements; and (4) wireless power transfer, from μW/cm2 power density harvesting to kW electric vehicle charging.   

Bio: Zoya Popovic is a Distinguished Professor and the Lockheed Martin Endowed Chair of Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado. She obtained her Dipl.Ing. degree at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and her Ph.D. at Caltech. She has graduated over 55 PhD students and currently advises 15 graduate students in various areas of high-frequency electronics and microwave engineering. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and the recipient of two IEEE MTT Microwave Prizes for best journal papers, the White House NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow award, the URSI Issac Koga Gold Medal, the ASEE/HP Terman Medal and the German Humboldt Research Award. She was named IEEE MTT Distinguished Educator in 2013 and a Distinguished Research Lecturer of the University of Colorado in 2016. She has a husband physicist and three daughters who can all solder.