two actors embrace while standing on a clock face
Great Expectations, 2018
two women speak to each other on a sofa
A Doll House, 2017
Two student actors look speak which a third looks on from behind
Falstaff in Love, 2019
actor sings centerstage while other actors look on
Climate Cabaret, 2021
A woman talks to a man on a tricycle
Euridice, 2017
two bald student actors in loincloths embrace
Unspoken, 2017
one students actor speaks while others pretend drink and socialize
44 Plays for 44 Presidents, 2016

The BA program in theatre is a broad-based program of theatre practice and study for the student seeking a foundational theatre education rather than specializing in a single track. The BA is an ideal fit for those who want to explore multiple disciplines within the theatre or double-major outside of the department. It also serves as the core of studies for a student who wishes to pursue further theatre training in one of the BFA areas of concentration.


  • No auditions are required prior to being admitted to the theatre BA program
  • Apply to the University of Colorado Boulder through the main Admissions page
  • Admission is based on the College of Arts & Sciences criteria
  • All students enter in the BA degree plan 
  • Students who enter as freshmen may apply for a BFA concentration if desired at the end of their second semester (the BFA in Musical Theatre is an exception–see the BFA Musical Theatre Application

Program Requirements

  • The BA degree program in theatre requires 44 credit hours in theatre, 3 in dance and 6 in dramatic literature and/or global arts outside the department.
  • A grade of C- or better is needed in each required course
  • An overall theatre GPA of 2.00

Requirements & List of Courses Plan of Study

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