Theatre Production Season 2021- 2022 

Spring 22 ~ General Theatre Auditions

Due to the recent news of the University going remote for the first two weeks of school, the Department of Theatre and Dance has decided for the safety of everyone involved to hold VIRTUAL auditions for the Spring 2022 season. Information about recording and submitting a video audition is on Canvas sign-up site (see button at the bottom of this page).


Please note: While we may receive updates from the Office of Public Health, as of January 4, the masking exemption policy for spring productions has not changed from the fall semester: all company members must be masked throughout rehearsals, but performers can unmask for performances only, provided they maintain 6 ft distance from the audience and immediately re-mask when leaving the stage.

Deadline: Wednesday January 12, 2022

Time:  5:00pm, MST

 Where: Wherever you are!

  Who: Any CU student currently enrolled in the Spring 2022 semester is eligible to audition.

The shows being cast at the Spring 2022 Auditions are:

Gallathea. A magical, early modern romantic comedy. Director, Kaitlin Nabors. Rehearsals begin Tuesday January 18th and Opens Wednesday February 16th and runs through Sunday February 20th, 2022, in the Loft Theatre.

  • This is a 14 person cast tackling John Lyly’s Gallathea. Originally written in 1592, this play explores love, gender identity, personal freedom, societal changes, and so many more timely themes, with a whole lot of faeries, nymphs, gods and goddesses, and plenty of magic! This production will be set in the late 1960s at a music festival similar to Woodstock. Opening right around Valentine’s Day, this romantic romp through the woods is sure to be a fun, musical, and magical evening. 

Casting Notes

  • 14 actors, with multiple actors playing more than one character. All gender identities welcome. 
  • There will be singing and musical instruments during the production. We are particularly looking for string instruments (guitar, ukulele, bass, etc.) and percussion. Not all characters/tracks are musical! 

Airness. A play about Air Guitar. Directed by Jenna Moll Reyes. Rehearsals begin Wednesday January 19th and Opens Friday, March 3rd and runs through Sunday, March 13th, 2021, in the University Theatre.

  • This is a 9-person, two-act show. It is about Nina's journey into the very real world of competitive Air Guitar . This show is an energy packed, rock and rollin ball of fun. But most of all, it has heart. 

Casting Notes

  • Golden Thunder should be played by an actor of color. 
  • Each character represents one of the pillars of air guitar and are always dressed in their personas
  • Shreddy Eddy - represents artistic merit
  • Golden thunder - represents originality
  • Facebender - represents feeling
  • Cannibal Queen - represents technical ability 
  • D vicious  - represents charisma/stage presence
  • The Nina - represents airness

Content Warning: This production contains adult language.


They Promised Her the Moon. by Laurel Ollstein is based on the true story of Geraldyn ‘Jerrie’ Cobb (1931-2019) a barrier-breaking, world record-holding pilot, and almost the first American female astronaut.  Although Cobb passes the lab tests with flying colors—far exceeding the more famous male astronauts (John Glenn)—she ends up grounded by politics, sexism and the Congressional testimony of sponsor Jackie Cochran, a famous pilot in her own right who also funded the testing of the “Mercury 13” women.  Guest Director is Kent Thompson.  Rehearsals begin Tuesday, February 22 and Opens Friday, April 15 and runs through Saturday, April 23, 2022.

Casting Notes

  • All actors will play multiple roles except those actors playing Jerrie Cobb and Jackie Cochran.  Cast size: 6 to 12 actors.  Female-identifying roles include Jerrie Cobb, Jackie Cochran, Helena (Jerrie’s mother), Female Reporter, Mrs. White, a Young Woman and a Child.  Male-identifying roles include Dr. Lovelace, Jack Ford, John Glenn, Congressmen Waggoner and Anfuso, several Reporters, Circus Bob, Harvey (Jerrie’s father), Mayor, a Child, and Carlos (speaks Portuguese).

Callbacks for these auditions are invitation-only, and will take place on January 15 & 16 over Zoom. Further details are on the Canvas site.


Any CU student currently enrolled for the Spring 2022 semester is eligible to audition.

Audition Details & Sign Up: Canvas Course

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  3. Open the General Theatre Auditions Course in Canvas. The site contains all the pertinent audition information.

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