Theatre Production Season 2022- 2023 

Spring 2024 General Theatre Auditions

The Department of Theatre and Dance will be holding in-person auditions for the Spring 2024 season on January 13th and 14th. in the Roe Green Theatre. Any CU student currently enrolled in the Spring 2024 semester is eligible to audition.

To prepare:

We would like ONE contemporary monologue between 60 and 90 seconds of your choice. If wanting to be considered for both shows, one monologue is still acceptable or you may do (2) 60 second contrasting pieces. If you are just wanting to be considered for The Play That Goes Wrong, a comedic monologue is preferred. For (Anon)ymous, a dramatic monologue is preferred.

If you cannot attend in person, you may submit a video audition. Please be sure you slate and then create and unlisted YouTube video. Send the link to production coordinator Lara Maerz at: Be sure to put in the subject line of the email your full name and which show(s) you are auditioning for so we can route them properly. 


General Auditions: Saturday, January 13th from 10am to 4pm.

Callbacks: Sunday, January 14th from 10 am to 5:30 pm (by invitation only)

Callbacks for Anon(ymous): 10:00am-1:30pm

Callbacks for The Play That Goes Wrong: 2:30pm-5:30pm


The shows being cast at the Spring 2024 Auditions are:

(Anon)ymous by Naomi Izuka / Directed by Cecilia Pang 


When separated from his mother, a young refugee named Anon travels through the United States. He encounters a large variety of people, some being kind, and others being dangerous and cruel, as he continues to search for his family. From a sinister one-eyed butcher to a sweatshop, Anon must navigate through a chaotic, ever-changing landscape in this captivating adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey.

Character Descriptions:

ANON: Young protagonist modeled after Odysseus from the Odyssey. He is a refugee lost in the USA. He struggles to remember his past and wanders from place to place on a dreamlike journey to find a sense of home, hopeful to find his mother.

PASCAL: One of Anon’s friends. He is an immigrant. He is adventurous and not very cautious.

CALISTA: Anon’s adopted sister in the US. She is blind to her privilege and proud of her rich, American background. 

NAJA: Is a goddess and Anon’s biggest ally. She is here to help Anon on his quest. She is modeled after the Goddess Athena.

NASREEN: Ritu and Ali’s daughter. She becomes friends with Anon.

BELEN: An immigrant and one of Anon’s friends, lost her father Ignacio, who she now sees as a ghost. 

NEMASANI: Anon’s young mother. She lost him at sea and now works for a sewing factory in the US, hoping to find her son one day. 

MR. MACKUS: The sleazy manager at the sewing factory. He wants to marry Nemasani and is a little aggressive about his interest. 

MR. LAIUS:  The Senator of the US city the factory is in, He’s a figure of power and authority. 

MRS. LAIUS: The Senator’s wife. She shows interest in Nemasani’s story, but only to satisfy her morbid imagination. 

ALI: Nasreen’s father and Ritu’s husband with whom he owns an Indian restaurant. 

RITU: Nasreen’s mother. She is married to Ali and is the co-owner of the restaurant.



Strygal, a human traffic criminal

Lone Barfly

Nice American Daughter

Nice American Father

Nice American Mother 

A Chorus of Sewing Ladies

Mr. Zyclo, a one-eyed butcher who eats people

Pet Bird

Ignacio, the ghost of Belen’s father

Serza, the bartender

*Double/triple casting will be incorporated so please be prepared to read for multiple roles at callbacks.


February 16-25 2024

The Loft Theatre


The Play That Goes Wrong by Henry Lewis, Henry Shields, and Jonathan Sayer / Directed by Kaitlin Nabors


It’s the opening night of the Cornley Drama Society’s newest production “The Murder at Haversham Manor”. The troupe’s ambitious 1920s “who did it” has everything you never want in a show: falling props, collapsing scenery, an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything…including their lines. How will this eager ensemble battle against all of the disastrous odds? An international hit that’s equal parts Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes – The Play That Goes Wrong is full of hilarious perfection.

Character Descriptions: 

ANNIE: The company’s stage manager. She has the biggest journey of any character. She’s initially terrified by acting but is willing to kill for it by the end of the play. Her terror turns to joy, and then to fury. She starts small, but grows and grows. 

CHRIS playing “INSPECTOR CARTER”: The director of the play-within-a-play Murder at Haversham Manor and plays the esteemed Inspector Carter. This is the biggest day of his life. He is rigid and uptight. The experience of performing the show is both nerve-wracking and exciting. His pain is evident and every time someone laughs, the pain deepens. 

ROBERT playing “THOMAS COLLEYMORE”: Wants to be Richard Burton, as evidenced by his presentational style, but he’s not a parody of a bad actor, just unaware of others around him. He does not feel bad when things go wrong and never learns from his mistakes. There’s a power struggle between Robert and Chris to be president of the Cornley Poly Drama Society.

DENNIS playing “PERKINS”: Has no real desire to be involved in the theatre; he just wants friends. He believes if he does well in the show, he’ll be more successful socially. Laughter from the audience is agony and a personal tragedy for him. He’s slightly oblivious, but understands when he gets things wrong. 

TREVOR: The play’s curmudgeonly lighting and sound operator. He simply wants to get on with the show. He doesn’t like actors. He is easily distracted and does many things he shouldn’t, including talking to the audience. When things go really sideways, he is forced to act in the play.

JONATHAN playing “CHARLES HAVERSHAM”: Is a bit bland personality-wise but sees himself as a James Bond-type. Excited and having fun. He technically has to drive the show. He cares about the play, but it’s mostly just for fun for him. The role of Charles Haversham is a very physically demanding role.

MAX playing “CECIL HAVERSHAM/ARTHUR”: Has never been onstage before. He learned his lines and does exactly what he’s told to do. He has zero connection with any of the actors, but when he gets a laugh he breaks the fourth wall and engages with the audience. Childlike and naïve. His mistakes are fundamental. He doesn’t think anything through. 

SANDRA playing “FLORENCE COLLYMORE”: Is vain and has a huge ego. She wants to be loved. She has ambitions to go to Hollywood and will hurt anyone standing in the way of what she wants, but is smart enough to stay on the good side of someone who can help her (like the director). The stakes are high for her. 

*We will also be casting CREW (likely 4 people) that will be visible during the show and tasked with interacting with the audience during transitions and intermission. These CREW roles will understudy some of the main roles as well* PLEASE NOTE: These are ACTING parts - not run crew. Run crew folx will NOT be visible during the show.

March 8- 17th 2024
Roe Green Theatre 


Any CU student currently enrolled for the Spring 2024 semester is eligible to audition.

Audition Details & Sign Up

To sign up, please click this link and fill out the Google Form:

Slots will be assigned starting December 15. Questions? Email Lara Maerz.