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Spring Awakening, 2020
Student actors perform Into the Woods
Into the Woods, 2019

The BFA in Musical Theatre degree program offers a rigorous concentration in theatre, music, and dance to a select number of highly disciplined, motivated, and talented students. The program includes a focus on musical theatre repertory, opera theatre, musical styles, and more to prepare students for a professional career as a performer.

Program Requirements

BFA Requirements Plan of Study


Applicants for the BFA in Musical Theatre are expected to:

  • have taken private voice lessons,
  • have good sight-reading ability,
  • demonstrate elementary piano skills to understand basic music theory, and
  • be able to read treble and/or bass clefs


The process of auditioning for the BFA in Musical Theatre happens in parallel with applying to CU Boulder’s College of Arts and Sciences. Here are the steps:

  1. On the Application, indicate you will be a BA in Theatre.
    •  Please note, all students will not be considered a BFA in Musical Theatre major until you have completed and passed the audition process. 
  2. Log in to your Application Status page and add & complete the Musical Theatre Application.
    • For first year and transfer applicants, log into the Application Status page.
    • If you are a current CU student, complete the BFA in Musical Theatre Application form 
  3. Complete your prescreen:
    1. Upload your Musical Theatre Statement. Please include a brief statement of why you wish to pursue musical theatre. This statement may include what you have learned in the past and/or your vision for the future - in relation to your experience with musical theatre.
    2. Upload one recommendation from a voice or theatre teacher who knows your musical ability
    3. Upload your headshot and résumé, including any training and experience you have in music, theatre, and dance
      1. *Headshots are preferred, however, equal consideration will be given to applicants regardless of submission of a headshot
    4. Upload recorded components, which are listed below

Download the Recommendation Form  Application Checklist

Recorded Components

Prepare two, full-song selections of musical theatre repertoire that contrast in style and decade of composition. Please keep each selection shorter than 90 seconds in length. Both songs must be memorized. If you need to cut your selection to meet the time requirement, please have the full recording available and prepared, should faculty wish to hear the song in its entirety.

Prepare one short monologue. The monologue must be from a play or a musical, memorized, and should be performed in the context of the entire play. The monologue should be no longer than 90 seconds. Choose a monologue that is appropriate for your age and experience. Be prepared to discuss the play or material as a whole.

Required of all submissions, present a 30-60 second clip of yourself moving/dancing. Your full body should be in view at all times. You may choose a cut from a musical or dance performance in which you participated, or you may record something original. Any style is acceptable: musical theatre, ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, etc. Wear appropriate dance attire that will show clean lines. Dance music may be live or recorded.

Optional, for applicants with dance training: Execute a set of plies, tendues, grand battements and pirouettes. Straightforward, simple exercises are preferred. Side view is best.

*We are committed to finding a diverse group of individuals of varying skill levels and in different areas. You may be a strong singer/actor who moves well, while others may bring extensive dance training (or vice versa). The movement/dance portion of your audition should reflect who you are as a performer. We will accept a wide array of presentations.

  1. Avoid extreme close-ups and include full-body shots. Try to balance the piano’s volume with your singing, but do not sing with a microphone or extra amplification.
  2. Say your name and the name of the song, monologue or dance before you begin each section.
  3. Upload recorded components as instructed on the application status page (see above). Please email with any questions.


All applicants are required to submit recorded materials. Due to high applicant numbers, we strongly recommend that you choose to submit on or before December 1st 2023. Submissions received after December 1st will be reviewed based on space availability. Once recordings have been reviewed, applicants will be notified and instructions will be sent if a live audition (in-person or virtual) is required. Please note that the recording and live audition requirements are the same and all requirements listed below must be met in the recording.

Evaluation of Progress

Continued enrollment in the BFA in Musical Theatre program is dependent upon satisfactory progress, as determined by the performance faculty in the College of Music and the Department of Theatre & Dance. Admission into advanced courses will only be with permission from the performance faculty through evaluation, and when appropriate, by audition. This determination will be made each semester.


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Please note: The University of Colorado Boulder is fortunate to offer two different musical theatre degrees, housed in two different areas - The College of Music and the Department of Theatre and Dance.

These two programs are the Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre (BFA/MT) offered by the Department of Theatre & Dance,  in the College of Arts and Science(which you are now investigating) and the Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre (BM/MT)  offered by the College of Music. Both programs work closely together in course offerings and season productions produced. For a full description of the BM/MT degree program please visit: