Courses in somatics are offered for those students who have a serious interest in somatics and its application to dance training, performance and dance medicine/injury prevention. Students can focus in the Alexander Technique Intensive Study (ATIS) program and/or Body Mind Centering® (BMC), work towards GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® certification, or work toward certification at The Pilates Center in Boulder while simultaneously pursuing their MFA degree.

General Information

  • The Director of the Somatic Emphasis must pre-approve a Somatic Emphasis with an intensive study in Alexander Technique or Body Mind Centering® 
  • The Director of the Somatic Emphasis and training course directors must pre-approve certification in GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS®or Pilates 
  • The ATIS and BMC intensive studies do not involve a certification but they do provide an in-depth theoretical and practical study, as well as a solid foundation for the possibility of entering an Alexander Teacher Training program (a 3 year program) or a Body Mind Centering® training (a 4 year training program) elsewhere
  • Students may combine Alexander Technique and Body Mind Centering® for their intensive study
  • The certification program or intensive studies must be successfully completed before the MFA degree will be awarded


  • The graduate dance core curriculum is required
  • Students who are working in the Somatic Emphasis concurrently with the MFA degree program will be required to complete 50 credit hours towards their degree instead of 60. The 10 credit reduction typically comes from electives and from technique credits
  • Remaining credits may be taken in dance, kinesiology, psychology, or in other areas which best support the student's goals
  • In order to successfully complete the MFA requirements and the certification or intensive study requirements, careful scheduling is critical during advising sessions
  • All fees, schedules and regulations pertaining to the Gyrotonics Bodhi Studio, the Pilates Center, and private lessons are completely independent of the dance division and CU Boulder
  • The topic of the MFA Project does not necessarily have to relate to the student’s Somatic Emphasis
  • All requirements for the Somatic Emphasis must be completed no later than two weeks prior to graduation