The 2024 Research & Innovation Seed Grant program funded 19 new projects for up to $50,000 each.

2024 Funded Projects

PI Name PI Department Category Project Title
Nisar Ahmed Aerospace Engineering Sciences Engineering & Applied Sciences Robust Multi-Object Tracking for Continuous Capture Microwave Imagers
Kyri Baker Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering  Engineering & Applied Sciences Enabling Optimal Lighting Design to Support Well-Being Across Species and Environments
Meredith Betterton Physics Biomedical & Life Sciences Studying Astrogliosis in the Brain Using Quantitative Image Analysis and Mathematical Modeling
Alison Boardman Equity, Bilingualism & Biliteracy Social Sciences & Professional Schools Teacher Professional Learning for Compassionate Collaboration in Inclusive Classrooms
Robin Burke Information Science Social Sciences & Professional Schools Journalist / EDitorial Integration for News Recommendation (JEDI News)
Scott Diddams Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering  Engineering & Applied Sciences High-Resolution Solar Heterodyne Spectroscopy Enabled by Laser Frequency Combs
Yifu Ding Mechanical Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Nano-Patterned Membrane Condenser for the Production of Natural Gas Liquids from Shale Gas
Jennifer Fluri Geography Social Sciences & Professional Schools Advancing Housing Affordability in the Mountain West Region
Charles Hoeffer Integrative Physiology Biomedical & Life Sciences Molecular Validation of Epistatic Network Hub Genes in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias using AD Brain Samples and ADRD-Derived iPSCs
Ryan Layer Computer Science Biomedical & Life Sciences Spatial Sonification & Visualization of Genetic Data for Rapid Identification of Cancer-Causing Mutations
Kurt Maute Aerospace Engineering Sciences Engineering & Applied Sciences Designing for Nonlinearity: Reducing Resource Consumption Through a Paradigm Shift in Engineering Design
Brett Melbourne Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Biomedical & Life Sciences Quantifying Insect Biodiversity Automatically with Sensors and Machine Learning
Bharat Rastogi Geography Geological & Environmental Sciences Towards Understanding Ecosystem Responses to Solar Radiation Modification using Coordinated Trace Gas Sampling, Hyperspectral Radiation and Eddy Flux Measurements
Charles Rogers Physics Basic Physical Sciences Measuring the Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Metalloporphenes: A New Class of Two Dimensional Materials
Hanna Rose Shell Art & Art History Arts & Humanities High Altitude Observatory: Conversations on the Plurality of Worlds
Lizzy Trower Geological Sciences Geological & Environmental Sciences Quantifying the Effects of Diurnal Carbon Cycling on Lake Sediments as Records of Climate Change
Emilie Upczak Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts Arts & Humanities SILT
Erin Willis Advertising, Public Relations & Media Design Social Sciences & Professional Schools Promise and Perils in Social Media Health Promotion:  A Theoretical Framework for Social Media Influencers
Wei Zhang Chemistry Engineering & Applied Sciences Graphyne: A Novel 2D Carbon Allotrope Beyond Graphene for Energy Storage