The 2022 Research & Innovation Seed Grant program resulted in 25 new grants with approximately $1.2M being awarded to CU Boulder faculty across disciplines.

2022 Funded Projects

PI Name PI Department  Category Project Title
Nausica Arnoult Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Grand Challenge

Does microgravity impair the proper repair of DNA double strand breaks?

Longji Cui Mechanical Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences

Gapless thermo-photovoltaics: A new paradigm for renewable power generation using waste heat

Samantha Fladd Anthropology/Museum of Natural History

Social Sciences & Professional Schools

Digital ontologies and indigenous materialities

Kathryn Goldfarb


Social Sciences & Professional Schools

Mobility and environmental health in wildfire response communities

Juliet Gopinath

Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Engineering & Applied Sciences

Quantifying membrane fouling dynamics using stimulated Raman scattering and fiber-coupled optical coherence tomography

Andras Gyenis Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Engineering & Applied Sciences

Novel error-protected superconducting circuit for next-generation quantum processors

Christoffer Heckman Computer Science

Grand Challenge Our Space. Our Future.

Keeping water on the radar: Using embedded machine learning for sensing of surface water levels in the era of climate change

Allison Hilger

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Engineering & Applied Sciences

Mechanisms for aerosol generation from speech production for airborne disease transmission

Adam Holewinski

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Engineering & Applied Sciences

Rewiring electrolysis for sustainable plastics

Yumi Janairo Roth; Emmanuel David

Art and Art History; Women and Gender Studies

Arts & Humanities

Ang Walong Pinoy (The Filipino Eight)

David Jonas Chemistry

Basic Physical Sciences

Are there quantum resonances across interfaces between photosynthetic proteins?

Joel Kaar

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Biomedical Sciences

Inhibition of beta-amyloid peptide toxicity by mixed phospholipid vesicles

Nicole Lovenduski

INSTAAR/Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies

Geological & Environmental Sciences

Cloudy chlorophyll: Emulating satellite retrieval in an Earth system model

Christopher A. Lowry

Integrative Physiology

Biomedical Sciences 

Broad-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) as a prevention/treatment of neuroinflammation in a rat model of comorbid autism and epilepsy

Elizabeth Meyer

Educational Foundations, Policy, and Practice, School of Education

Social Sciences & Professional Schools

Working towards LGBTQ equality in secondary schools: Learning from teachers who support student activism

Beth Osnes Theatre and Dance Arts & Humanities

Birds' eye view: Facilitating youth-authored creative solutions for climate change

Valerie Otero

STEM Education; School of Education

Social Sciences & Professional Schools

Elementary STEM collaborative

Shaily Rahman

Geological Sciences/ INSTAAR

Grand Challenge Our Space. Our Future.

Tracing the fate of reactive Si from mobilization to sequestration across terrestrial analog environments: implications for interpreting the weathering history of Mars

Michelle Sauther


Geological & Environmental Sciences

Big data for small nocturnal primates: Development and field testing a new monitoring system to deliver rich real time data to record small primate spatial and social movement

Katharine Suding

INSTAAR/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Geological & Environmental Sciences

Utilizing diversity to optimize ecosystem service delivery in orchards: Initial characterization to inform a long-term research platform

Tiera Tanksley

Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice; School of Education

Engineering & Applied Sciences

Engineering for social justice: How decolonial and anti-racist engineering programs impact the career development and aspirations of humanitarian engineering students

Thorsten Trimpop

Critical Media Practices

Arts & Humanities

Stealing paradise
Keith Ulmer Physics Basic Physical Sciences

FACET: A new detector to search for dark matter particles

Gregory Whiting

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering & Applied Sciences

Extremely high power density motor and generators enabled by flow boiling advanced cooling

Lei Yuan

Psychology & Neuroscience

Engineering & Applied Sciences

Symbol grounding in humans and machines