You have the choice to register to vote with your hometown address or your current address while attending CU Boulder.

  • In-state students: All active, registered Colorado voters automatically receive a ballot in the mail a few weeks before Election Day. If you plan to vote in Boulder or in your home county, make sure you're registered to vote and that your ballot mailing address is up to date.

  • Out-of-state students: You may choose to either request an absentee ballot from your home state or register to vote in Boulder County. You cannot register and/or vote in both locations.

  • Students living on campus: Whether voting in Colorado or in your home state via absentee ballot, you must format your on-campus address correctly in your voter registration for your ballot to find you. Visit Boulder County's Student Voting Guidelines page for instructions.

If you register to vote in Colorado, you will be asked to affirm that your present address is your sole legal place of residence and that you are claiming no other place as your legal residence. You may also be considered a resident of Colorado for other purposes, including motor vehicle registration, income tax, and jury duty purposes.

Registering to vote does not automatically make you a resident for tuition purposes. Your CU Boulder tuition classification won't change unless you take all of the necessary actions to establish residency and successfully petition for a change in residency.