Most administrative business at the University of Colorado Boulder is handled electronically. You must provide your initial Consent to Conduct Business Electronically in Buff Portal. If electronic consent is not provided or is withdrawn, no portal-accessed transactions will be available to you.

If you choose not to consent to conduct business electronically with the university, transactions would need to be completed in person at the appropriate office. Below is the contact information of the administrative offices on campus where information about specific topics can be provided:

Office of the Registrar

Physical Address: Regent Administrative Center, room 101; Boulder, CO
Campus Box: 20 UCB
Phone: 303-492-6970
Fax: 303-492-8748

  • View assigned enrollment dates
  • Register for classes
  • Search for classes
  • View class schedule
  • View grades
  • View degree progress report
  • Apply for graduation
  • View and order transcripts
  • Change address and phone number
  • Maintain emergency contacts

Bursar's Office

Physical Address: Regent Administrative Center, room 175; Boulder, CO
Campus Box: 43 UCB
Phone: 303-492-5381
Fax: 303-492-1017

  • Authorize the College Opportunity Fund (COF)
  • Authorize financial aid to apply to all charges
  • Sign up for direct deposit
  • View your account summary & account balance
  • View or print a bill
  • View your financial hold status
  • Determine due charges/make an authenticated payment
  • View or print current and past 1098-T forms
  • Sign Perkins Loan promissory notes and other loan documents

Office of Financial Aid

Physical Address: Regent Administrative Center, room 175; Boulder, CO
Campus Box: 77 UCB
Phone: 303-492-5091
Fax: 303-492-0838

  • View your financial aid award notice and summary
  • Accept or decline your financial aid awards
  • Notify the financial aid office if you are receiving additional awards
  • Notify the financial aid office if you will not be enrolling for a specific term
  • Determine what additional documents you may need to submit to apply for aid and pick up copies of those documents
  • Sign short-term university loan promissory notes
  • View your student loan summary
  • Calculate an estimate of your university bill and determine the amount you may be able to borrow through alternative loan
  • Submit/update Student Employment Application information
  • Submit/update form W-4 (Employee Withholding Allowance) information