While you're at CU Boulder, you'll use the Student tab in your student portal to manage your student transactions, including:

  • viewing, accepting or declining your financial aid
  • authorizing your financial aid and/or scholarships to cover university charges
  • reviewing your transfer credit and running a degree audit
  • updating and verifying your addresses, cell/mobile phone number and emergency contact information
  • applying for and authorizing the College Opportunity Fund (for Colorado undergraduate residents only)
  • finding your enrollment dates
  • enrolling in classes
  • selecting or waiving health insurance
  • viewing your tuition and fees on your student account
  • authorizing parents and others to view your account and pay your tuition and fees online
  • signing up for direct deposit for tuition and fee refunds
  • searching available student job postings

Upon first logging in to MyCUInfo using your IdentiKey credentials, you must consent to conduct business electronically during your time at CU Boulder. If you choose not to consent, you'll lose access to MyCUInfo and instead receive information about how to conduct your official university business offline.

If you consent, we'll prompt you to register to vote in compliance with state law. You can choose to follow the registration link or dismiss the reminder either temporarily or permanently.