What It Is

FERPA consent to release allows a parent or authorized third party to contact the university on behalf of the student to discuss or request educational or financial records.

Students establish consent through Buff Portal and create a unique authorization phrase for each individual or organization for use in confirming their identity. Students also specify which types of records they're authorizing access to:

  • All Education Records includes any and all academic, financial and personal information
  • Academic Record Only includes, but is not limited to, GPA, grades, degree progress, academic standing, academic holds, class schedule, transcript requests, and academic advising records
  • Financial Record Only includes, but is not limited to, financial aid (limited per Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999), account (billing/payments), financial holds, tuition classification, and COF records

Student-Facing Information

Verifying FERPA Consent

Before disclosing any FERPA-protected information to a third party, university faculty and staff must confirm the third party's name and authorization phrase.

Note: If you're asked for information about a student on full privacy (indicated by a red "private" label in Campus Solutions) and your answer to step 2, 3 or 4 below is "no," you must tell the requester, "Due to data privacy policies, we are unable to respond to your request."