In order to help streamline the process for verifying completion of degree for students in Reserve Officers Training Corps programs, we ask that any CU Boulder ROTC departments or officers use the following protocol:

  1. ROTC departments compile a list of all graduating seniors and their related letters and email these for completion to the Office of the Registrar.
  2. The Office of the Registrar contacts advisors to verify that all students are on track to complete their degree requirements by the end of the semester.
  3. Once advisors have verified that the student is on track, the Office of the Registrar verifies that all students will meet minimum requirements for graduation:
    1. Undergraduate: 120 earned credit hours and 2.000 GPA
    2. Graduate: Earned credit hours based on program requirements and 3.000 GPA
  4. Once verification is complete, the Office of the Registrar compiles and completes the letters to include the following language:

Student is on track to graduate on May X, 202X with successful completion of current term classes. Final grades are due for Spring 202X on May X, 202X. Final verification of degree requirements can be completed by emailing after June X, 202X.   

  1. The Office of the Registrar returns these letters to the ROTC office for submission to the military.