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Research Focus

The research goals of the Integrative Physiology of Aging Laboratory are to determine:

  • important changes in physiological function with aging;
  • modulation of those changes by biological factors (e.g., adiposity, vitamin D/estrogen status) and lifestyle behaviors (e.g., physical activity/inactivity, diet);
  • the efficacy of interventions, both lifestyle and pharmacological (including "nutraceuticals"), for reversing adverse changes in physiological function with aging;
  • the integrative (systemic to molecular) biological mechanisms that mediate physiological changes with aging and the effects of modulating influences and interventions on those changes.

Within this context of the integrative physiology of aging, a primary focus is "vascular aging", in particular the development of large elastic artery stiffness and impaired arterial endothelial function with advancing age. A recently added direction of interest involves assessing decreases in motor and cognitive function with aging and the ability of potential healthspan-extending interventions to improve age-associated reductions in motor/cognitive performance.

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Recent Publications

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