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Research Interests

  • The effects of aging, cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors, and habitual physical activity on vascular endothelial function.


Current Research Projects

  • Influence of age, obesity, exercise, and oxidative stress on the endothelin-1 system.
  • HIV-1 infection, vascular endothelial function, and exercise.
  • Effects of nebivolol on ET-1 vasoconstrictor tone.
  • Nebivolol and endothelial regulation of fibrinolysis.
  • Overweight/obesity and vascular progenitor cell function.

Recent Publications

  • Stockelman KA, Hijmans JG, Bammert TD, Greiner JJ, Stauffer BL, DeSouza CA. Circulating endothelial cell derived microvesicles are elevated with hypertension and associated with endothelial dysfunction. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology. 2020;98(8):557-561.
  • Brewster LM, Garcia VP, Levy MV, Stockelman KA, Goulding A, DeSouza NM, Greiner JJ, Hijmans JG, DeSouza CA. Endothelin-1-induced endothelial microvesicles impair endothelial cell function. Journal of Applied Physiology. 2020;128(6):1497-1505.
  • Brewster LM, Coombs GB, Garcia VP, Hijmans JG, DeSouza NM, Stockelman KA, Barak OF, Mijacika T, Dujic Z, Greiner JJ, Phillips AA, Ainslie PN, DeSouza CA. Effects of circulating extracellular microvesicles from spinal cord-injured adults on endothelial cell function. Clinical Science. 2020;134(7):777-789.
  • Bain AR, Holland RL, Donnelly J, Nowak-Fluck D, Sekhon M, Tymko MM, Greiner JJ, DeSouza CA, Ainslie PN. Cerebral metabolism, oxidation and inflammation in severe hyperthermia with and without respiratory alkalosis. Journal of Physiology. 2020;598(5):943-954.
  • Hijmans JG, Bammert TD, Stockelman KA, Reiakvam WR, Greiner JJ, DeSouza CA. High glucose-induced endothelial microparticles increase adhesion molecule expression on endothelial cells. Diabetology International. 2018;10(2):143-147.
  • Hijmans JG, Levy M, Garcia V, Lincenberg GM, Diehl KJ, Greiner JJ, Stauffer BL, DeSouza CA. Insufficient sleep is associated with a pro-atherogenic circulating microRNA signature. Experimental Physiology. 2019;104(6):975-982.
  • Hijmans JG, Stockelman K, Levy M, Brewster LM, Bammert TD, Greiner JJ, Connick E, DeSouza CA. Effects of HIV-1 gp120 and TAT-derived microvesicles on endothelial cell function. Journal of Applied Physiology. 2019;126(5):1242-1249.
  • Hijmans JG, Stockelman KA, Garcia V, Levy MV, Brewster LM, Bammert TD, Greiner JJ, Stauffer BL, Connick E, DeSouza CA. Circulating microparticles are elevated in treated HIV-1 infection and are deleterious to endothelial cell function. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2019;8(4):e011134.