Wilderness Place 235
2860 Wilderness Place
Boulder, CO 80309-0354
Phone: (303) 735-0309

Research Interests

To determine how inflammation induced by traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases, or an immune challenge contributes to sleep-wake disorders.


  • Director: Rachel K. Rowe, PhD
  • Lab Manager: Amrita George
  • Research Assistants: Madison Szewczak, Lindsey Beauregard
  • Post-doctoral Fellow: Tabitha Green
  • Undergraduate Students: Grant Mannino, Nicole Couillard, Tina Nguyen, Jules Urich, Matias Mendez, Danielle Ashton, Veronika Dunker, Shristi Anand, Dana Ritterbusch
  • Post-Baccalaureate Students: Sophia Remedios, Jessie Boggus

Current Research Projects

  • Traumatic brain injury-induced inflammation and sleep-wake disturbances.
  • Pediatric traumatic brain injury and endocrine disruptions.
  • Aging, neurodegenerative diseases, and sleep-wake disturbances

Opportunities for Undergraduates

Opportunities for Graduate Students

  • Graduate student training is available contingent upon research funding.
  • For more information contact Dr. Rowe at Rachel.rowe@colorado.edu.

Opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Postdoctoral training positions are available contingent upon research funding.
  • For more information contact Dr. Rowe at Rachel.rowe@colorado.edu.

Recent Publications

For a complete list of publications, click here.

  • Giordano K.R., Saber M., Green T.R.F., Murphy S.M., Lifshitz, J., and Rowe R.K. (2023) CSF-1R inhibition transiently attenuated the peripheral immune response to experimental traumatic brain injury. Neurotrauma Reports, PMID: 37139183
  • Green T.R.F., Murphy S.M., and Rowe R.K. (2022) Comparisons of quantitative approaches for assessing microglial morphology reveals inconsistencies, ecological fallacy, and a need for standardization. Scientific Reports, PMID: 35111130
  • Green T.R.F., Murphy S.M., Moreno-Montano M.P., Audinat E., and R.K. Rowe (2022) Reactive morphology of dividing microglia following kainic acid administration. Frontiers in Neuroscience
  • Rowe R.K., Green T.R.F., Giordano K.R., Ortiz J.B., Murphy S.M., and Opp M. (2022) Microglia are necessary to regulate sleep after an immune challenge. Biology, PMID: 36009868
  • Giordano K.R., Law L.M., Henderson J., Rowe R.K., and J. Lifshitz (2022) Time course of remote neuropathology following diffuse traumatic brain injury in the male rat. Experimental Neurobiology, PMID: 35673999
  • Rowe R.K., and G. Griesbach (2022) Immune-endocrine interactions in the pathophysiology of sleep-wake disturbances following traumatic brain injury: A narrative review. Brain Research Bulletin, PMID: 35537569
  • Gerald B., Ortiz J.B., Green T.R.F., Adelson P.D., and R.K. Rowe (2022) Traumatic brain injury characteristics predictive of subsequent sleep-wake disturbances in pediatric patients. Biology, PMID: 35453799
  • Green T.R.F., Murphy S.M., Ortiz J.B., and R.K. Rowe (2022) Age-at-injury influences the glial response to traumatic brain injury in the cortex of male juvenile rats. Frontiers in Neurology, PMID: 35111130
  • Apostol C.R., Bernard K., Tanghutri P., Molnar G., Bartlett M.J., Szabo L., Liu C., Ortiz J.B., Saber M., Giordano K.R., Green T.R.F., Melvin J., Morrison H.W., Madhavan L., Rowe R.K., Streicher J.M., Heien M.L., Falk T., and R. Polt (2022) Design and synthesis of brain penetrant glycopeptide analogues of PACAP with neuroprotective potential for traumatic brain injury and parkinsonism. Frontiers in Drug Discovery, PMID: 35237767


  • DoD CDMRP PR211450 The role of microglia in sleep disturbances following a traumatic brain injury (PI: Rowe)
  • NIH R21NS120022-01 Bidirectional relationship between growth hormone and sleep following juvenile TBI (PI: Rowe)
  • NIH R21NS120022-Supplement (PI: Rowe)
  • DoD CDMRP WX1XWH2110837 Relationship of Toxic protein variants and the connection between TBI and AD (PI: Sierks; Co-I: Rowe)
  • NIH R01 HD110860-01 Gravida traumatic brain injury impacts neurodevelopment of the offspring (PI: Lifshitz; Consultant: Rowe)