The Geography advisors and coaching staff are part of the College of Arts and Sciences’ Academic Advising and Coaching.

We empower every Arts & Sciences student to recognize the transformative potential of their education.

We create space for students to develop meaningful educational goals and a strong sense of belonging. We are uniquely positioned to:

  • Advise students in maximizing their degree plan through curricular and co-curricular exploration.
  • Engage students in their journey of self-discovery and growth, balancing challenge and support.
  • Serve as a catalyst for academic success and enhance student wellbeing by innovating our professional practice.

Our Core Values


We nurture a culture of equity and inclusion. We strive to make the most generous assumptions about the words, intentions, and behaviors of others. Invested in intercultural competence, we invite multiple voices, difference, and constructive dialogue to create a community where members feel recognized, heard, and valued.


We engage in the complex struggle of the human experience through courage and vulnerability. With curiosity, we aim to balance kindness and candor.


We foster self-efficacy and skillfully advocating for students and colleagues when we encounter inequity, injustice, and developmental opportunities.


We partner with our community of students and colleagues. Recognizing our interdependence, we intentionally seek opportunities to listen, learn, and innovate.


We provide clear, accurate, complete, and timely information and guidance. We aim to build a culture of data- informed decision making and continuous improvement as we adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of higher education.


We cultivate mutual trust and wellbeing for students and each other through curiosity, responsiveness, and an investment in the CU community.

Inclusive Excellence

The AAC's academic advisors, academic coaches and staff members are committed to our belief that when students structure their goals toward the growth of inclusion, diversity and equity, those goals become more socially and personally meaningful, more educated and more educational.

Academic Coaching

Part of A&S Advising and Coaching, Academic Coaching is a program that supports students by focusing on each student’s developmental needs regarding the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to achieve academic and personal success. Students who engage in the Academic Coaching Program experience growth in the following areas:  academic skills, confidence, critical thinking skills, personal development, and self-awareness.   Email the Academic Coaching Team


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