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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

See Undergraduate Major Requirements for an explanation of Geography curriculum tracks.

The Department of Geography offers a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in geography. The geography BA emphasizes knowledge and awareness of:

  • the unique contributions of the discipline to understanding the spatial components of problems and the diverse factors relating to human interaction with the environment;  
  • the spatial distributions of physical and human characteristics on the Earth surface, the general patterns these form, and the processes that have created and are changing these patterns;
  • the major themes of geographical analysis, including absolute and relative location; human and physical characteristics of place; human and environmental relations; movement of people, ideas, and products; and regionalization; and
  • the general geographical principles of human-environment interaction, global change, and human spatial organization.

International Bachelor of Arts (IBA)

The International Bachelor of Arts (IBA) is a joint degree between the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia.  To earn an IBA in Geography, in addition to completing all the current requirements for the BA with a major in Geography at the home institution, students must complete one full-time semester experiential, customized, international learning experience at the non-home institution.

Geography Minor

See course requirements


The department offers a certificate in hydrology for undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Geography, and a  certificate in GIS and Computational science

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