Parents of CU Boulder students are key partners in the financing of their children’s education. You can help your student take on new financial responsibilities while they are pursuing a college degree.

The links below will provide you with information about how our office will communicate with your student and how you can help in the process.

Tips for Parents    Parent Loans    Paying for College

Working with CU

  • Students' educational records are protected by FERPA once they start attending college. Without a FERPA Consent to Release, we are unable to talk with you about their financial aid.
  • If parents or family members are helping to pay tuition and fees, we strongly encourage students to authorize them as payers.

Who is the "Parent" on the FAFSA?

Dependent students are required to report parent information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For reporting purposes, "Parent" means your legal (biological or adoptive) parent or stepparent, or a person that the state has been determined to be your parent.

Use this guide to figure out which parent's information to include (depending on your family situation) or view the text-only version:

Which parent's information to include on the FAFSA depends on if your parents are married or separated, whether or not they live together and which parent provided you with the most support over the past 12 months.

Still not sure who to include? Check out Federal Student Aid's parent info webpage for more family scenarios.