Ph.D. Student
Environmental Studies


B.A., Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

M.A., Pontificia Univervsidad Javeriana

M.S., University College London

Research Interests 

Sebastián is a PhD candidate working with Dr. Peter Newton. His broad research interest is in sustainability issues. Sebastián focuses on the interrelations between organizations, society, and the environment, particularly on food systems. He has been working on sustainability transition processes during his time at ENVS. For example, the alternative proteins transition in the US and globally, its impacts and potential. Also, on the topic of business models for sustainability. For instance, he explores new business models that emerge in the contexts of countries like Colombia and the opportunities they provide to challenge current practices in the food industry. Moreover, he studies how specific public interventions supporting community-based innovations contribute to enabling capabilities and more empowered communities. Besides these areas, he has been exploring the potential for post-growth organizations and alternative futures to the current economy.