Color photo of Myles
Assistant Director, Recruitment & External Relations • Masters of the Environment

Myles Maland is the External Relations Manager for the Masters of the Environmental program at the University of Colorado Boulder. He manages student recruitment, recruitment of Capstone partners, and alumni relations. Contact myles for Questions regardng the following:

  • Recruitment and admissions of MENV graduate students
  • Developing and managing relationships with external community partners
  • Employer relations and alumni communications

Myles has taught at and managed several environmental education programs, including the San Joaquin Outdoor School in La Honda, California and Thorne Ecological Institute and Cal-Wood Education Center in Boulder, Colorado. Most recently Myles served as land use and conservation project manager for the Coastal Conservation League, an environmental advocacy organization based in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Myles earned his BS in Business Administration from the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina, and his MLA from University's of Georgia's, College of Environment and Design.