CU Boulder Today

EBIO and ENVS team get renewed NSF grant to continue pivotal alpine ecosystem research

Feb. 21, 2023

One of the longest running ecological research sites and NSF grants was just renewed at CU Boulder. A team of scientists, including ENVS Professor Dan Doak , conduct research at the Niwot Ridge Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) center to better understand how alpine ecosystems work. One of the primary...

Maxwell Boykoff

ENVS Chair and Professor, Max Boykoff, contributes to the Working Group III of the IPCC AR6

The final installment of the IPCC AR6 report on climate and climate science from Working Group III was finalized on April 4, 2022. One of the contributors to the report was ENVS Chair and Professor, Max Boykoff . "The Working Group III report provides an updated global assessment of climate...

Hegwood Langendorf Burgess Paper

ENVS lab publishes new paper in Nature Sustainability investigating why win-wins are so hard to achieve

A trio of ENVS researchers were published in March in the journal Nature Sustainability, "showing mathematically why complexity makes win–wins elusive." PhD student, Margaret Hegwood, recent PhD graduate Ryan E. Langendorf, and professor Matt Burgess conducted the meta-analysis, which validates skepticism of real-world win-wins that practitioners can often have and...

Devon Reynolds

ENVS PhD student, Devon Reynolds, and advisor publish article on transforming Socially Responsible Investment

Help us congratulate ENVS PhD student, Devon Reynolds, and assistant professor, David Ciplet for publishing an article on Socially Responsible Investment in the Journal of Business Ethics, a global leader in in academic publishing in the field of ethics. The article proposes a framework to transform investment to be more...

Difficult integration of social science expertise into public health expert advice during pandemic in Italy

ENVS Prof leads global research initiative on COVID-19 response

The EScAPE (Evaluating Scientific Advice in a Pandemic Emergency) project, led by CU Boulder Professor Roger Pielke, Jr. published the findings of its first study, which investigated how Italy used expert scientific advice in the COVID-19 pandemic.