Edward Martinez
Manager of Finance and Business Operations
Environmental Studies

Office: SEEC S118


B.A. Philosophy with a minor in Physics - CU Boulder alumnus

M.B.A. - Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey Ca


Edward joined the Environmental Studies Department after a career in the military (4 years Naval Nuclear Power, 16 years Supply Corps Officer) and after several years as a Management Consultant in various industries within the private and government sectors including Space, Intelligence, and Defense.


Interests include Philosophy (particularly theories of consciousness), Physics, Systems Thinking, drawing, creative writing, running and hiking.

“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them” - Einstein


Edward manages the program's day-to-day operations including faculty, staff, and student support, budget development and oversight, and program communications. Please contact him for questions regarding the following:

  • Annual performance and merit for faculty and research faculty personnel
  • Building Proctor duties: building access and physical key requests, repair/construction requests, office moves, furniture move/removal.
  • ENVS structure and organization
  • ENVS policies and procedures
  • Faculty Affairs: additional jobs, annual merit evaluation, administrative appointments, course banking and buy-outs, grievance processes, leaves of absences and sabbaticals, recruitment and hiring, retention, reviews and reappointments, separation, subventions, the transfer of teaching duties and funds between departments and the transfer value of services
  • Financial oversight on general operating speedtypes (operating budget, APA Funds, DA-ICR, Summer Incentive, gifts and scholarships, etc.)
  • Graduation coordinator
  • Hiring requests and appointment inquiries for faculty, research personnel (RA, PRA, Postdocs), staff (university and classified), class Graders, and hourly student assistants.
  • IT Support
    • Any IT questions DDS cannot answer (see OIT Dedicated Desktop Support (DDS) below) 
    • Email list management: add/remove requests. 
    • Classroom computers and laptop carts: software requests, maintenance, repairs, and replace classroom computers on a 4-5 year cycle. 
    • ENVSFILES permissions and SharePoint access: change permissions on file access, file restore requests, and storage administration (requests for new folders, new storage spaces, etc.).
    • Inventory of computers: maintain an inventory of all computer assets and replace the department’s oldest computers with newer models 
    • Purchasing computers and software: FCPP Purchases, site license software purchases, consulting to find the best hardware for the desired price range, server consulting, placing servers in CU’s Data Centers. 
    • Website updates
  • Leaves and replacements and replacement teaching offers
  • Media checkout and equipment inventory.
  • Payroll: faculty, research personnel, classified and staff, temporary employees, and biweekly hourly students.
  • Property disposal: secure paper disposal and electronic disposal 
  • Shipping inquiries and package distribution: FedEx, UPS, and USPS
  • Summer teaching offer letters and research salary
  • Visas for foreign scholars

If you can’t find what you need, or if your regular contact is out of the office, see Edward.