School of Public Affairs at CU Denver


Ph.D. - Duke University, 2008


Associate Professor Deserai Crow researches local and state-level policy. Her work assesses environmental policy and disaster or crisis policies, including stakeholder participation and influence, information sources used, and policy outcomes in developing policies. Her work often focuses on natural disaster recovery and risk mitigation in local communities. Dr. Crow’s natural hazards work includes a study of community flood recovery and policy learning in the aftermath of the 2013 floods in Colorado that was funded by the National Science Foundation. Another project analyzes the role of agencies and individuals in promoting wildfire risk mitigation on private property in the Wildland Urban Interface across the West. A current National Science Foundation-funded project looks at environmental justice outcomes associated with oil and gas decision-making in Colorado’s local governments. She is also working with a group of scholars across the country on a National Science Foundation project to understand COVID-19 risk perceptions, behaviors, and state policies. Dr. Crow also studies narratives associated with public policy issues within electoral politics. 

Research Interests

Local and state-level environmental policy, natural disaster recovery and risk mitigation in local communities and natural resource agencies