Colleen Scanlon Lyons Faculty Pic
Associate Research Professor
Environmental Studies

University of Colorado at Boulder
Sustainable Energy and Environment Community Complex (SEEC)
4001 Discovery Drive, Suite S331
Boulder, CO 80303
Third Floor, South End

Office Hours

Thursdays 3 - 5pm

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*Office hours will be virtual


Colleen is an environmental anthropologist who works for forest conservation and sustainable development in tropical forest regions of the world. Based at the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU), she serves as an Associate Research Professor in the Environmental Studies Department (ENVS) and the Masters of the Environment (MENV) Program, a Project Director for the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force), and a Research Associate with the Environment and Society Program at CU’s Institute of Behavioral Science. She teaches graduate courses on stakeholder engagement, runs a field course on integrated conservation and development in Brazil’s Amazon and Atlantic Forests with CU and Brazilian students and professors, mentors students, and conducts research on topics ranging from livelihoods and conservation in the Atlantic Forest to environmental governance and forest citizenship in the Amazon to artisanal mining in Peru and Colombia. She just completed a book on social movements in the global biodiversity hotspot of Southern Bahia, Brazil, Running After Paradise: Hope, Survival, and Activism in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

A note to prospective students

Professor Lyons is not taking graduate students at this time.