Published: April 5, 2017

Featured on the front page of the Denver Post, Climate researchers say the weekly climb to gather air samples has become more of a mission than a job.

Jennifer Morse Researching in Niwot ridge

Jennifer Morse, a climate technician at the Mountain Research Station (MSR) in Roosevelt National Forest, gets ready to return to her base after checking recent precipitation levels and taking air samples at the Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research site on March 28, 2017 near Nederland.

James White, Director-Institute of INSTAAR and ENVS affiliate speaks on the importance of research into climate change.

"As federal government-funded scientist Jen Morse skis through blowing snow at 11,500 feet to measure heat-trapping greenhouse gas air pollution, she wrestles with the question that’s been bothering her all week: How humans can know that potentially ruinous climate change is happening yet balk at trying to stop it....." Read the Full article here: