Published: March 22, 2017

The Global Environmental Affairs (GEA) certificate is now recruiting! This is a globally focused and internship-oriented undergraduate certificate that is offered jointly by environmental studies and international affairs programs. The certificate provides a unique opportunity to extend your undergraduate training to courses and experiences outside your discipline, learn from an inter-disciplinary panel of experts about global challenges and is ultimately an opportunity to extend your education to the real world, via globally focussed internships. 

Deadline to apply is March 24! Do not miss the DEADLINE. 

Who can apply?

Any student in CU can apply for the certificate. The only thing that would be important is that students of either of the two large umbrellas- physical sciences and social sciences- have an active interest in globally focussed international issues, are excited about interdisciplinary training to complement their education at CU and most importantly, perhaps is that they are excited about a hands-on internship component. This is because internships form the bedrock of the certificate. 

Link to apply:

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